Don’t put up with unsightly body hair. This pack will quickly and easily rid you of your unwanted body hair in the privacy of your own home. If you have thick, tough, hard-to-remove body hair this pack will provide permanent removal and stop hair growth.

This pack contains:
3 tubes of Male Body Hair Remover

Suitable for men

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75ml / 2.5 Fl oz.

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  • Male Body Hair Removal Pack HairFree Hair Remover

    One day a brother of mine staying in England  told me that he had the same problem (since  every man in our family is like that due to generic factors). He told that he had used Hair free hair removal and it stopped his hair in 5 weeks and he was too shy to testify. So l asked him to order five tubes for me  in England since in here  South Africa it is more expensive to order. So he ordered the five tubes and sent them by post and l received the tubes in two months time that was  June. I started to use the product, the first week l did not see any change. I started to notice change the third week, though l was expecting a dramatic change my bother told me to be patient. So l used it patiently, on the fourth week the hair started to grow slowly and the hair stopped on the seventh week... i couldn't believe it and l waited for two weeks and saw no hair up to now ....There is only some few fair hairy left but they are normal for a man...After this l was relieved and it boosted my confidence. I am now back on my sexual life and l am enjoying big time, the gals are no longer complaining, they now play with my penny....A dream that came true, it feels good when a lady is holding your penis..They call me sweet man now lol.surely your product is a miracle to me... l really thank you!!!!My wish now is for us to find this product in store shelves because it is very expensive for us to order from Africa.

    Simbarashe M - 19/11/2017
  • Male Body Hair Removal Pack HairFree Hair Remover

    I've been using your product for three months now and I absolutely LOVE it! I have seen results within the first week of use and continued to use the product because it gave me smooth and silky skin. I have used it for my face, chest and back, legs, and arms. I recommended this product to all of my family and friends, thank you guys so much!!!

    Gerald Parker - 14/10/2017
  • Male Body Hair Removal Pack HairFree Hair Remover

    Hi there,I'm wondering if I can get a free tube with my order as I did before.I bought 1 tube and got one for free last month.I am very impressed with the product and your service but being a pensioner I can't afford to spend too much.I will place order right away if you agree. Barry.

    Barry I - 01/09/2017
  • Male Body Hair Removal Pack HairFree Hair Remover

    my back had a lot of hairy after using your product the hair is now less...thank u below are my pics

    Makanaka S - 26/09/2017
  • Male Body Hair Removal Pack HairFree Hair Remover

    I am still hopeful that this product will get rid of the quite bushy black hair on my chest. After three weeks I still have hair on my chest although it has thinned out by about 60%. I am left with very fine hair spread more thinly all over my chest which looks neither one thing or the other. I will continue using the cream for another few weeks and see what happens.

    S. Espinos - 18/06/2018
  • Male Body Hair Removal Pack HairFree Hair Remover

    I have lots of hair all over my body,  I was introduced to this by one of my friend staying in us. When i used it for the first time there did not much improvement.  It seems like hair is growing back, but i did not gave up, i applied every week to my arm pits, and to see whether it is working or not properly i left some of the hairs in my armpit without applying it, and i shaved that un applied area every time i applied hair free to remaining ares and after 5 applications the area treated with hair free, hair  stops growing and the area which is left without applying hair free , hair continues to grow. So my advise is not to  lose hope and stick to the plan. You will achieve the results for sure. Always clean the area before applying hair free.

    bandla naveen - 14/11/2017
  • Male Body Hair Removal Pack HairFree Hair Remover

    I am a happy customer who have tried the product out for now three weeks and still continuing.60-70 % of the hair is gone, and I will continue the treatments until all hairs are gone.Basically I want to get rid of all hairs on my back.

    John J - 03/06/2018
  • Male Body Hair Removal Pack HairFree Hair Remover

    Hey I'm been applying the cream for 4 weeks now, and have got very good results. Not sure how long this will last? I’ve been applying to my upper arms around the shoulder area. It seems to be working.Brian M

    Brian M - 03/06/2018

Get rid of tough androgen-driven male body hair from the chest, back, arms, legs, etc. Why suffer from excessive body hair when a simple and low-cost solution is available with Hairfree.

Male body hair has a different protein structure to that of female body hair and requires a modified formulation to work effectively. This product has been developed specifically to target tough androgen-driven male body hair that can often spoil a man’s appearance.

If you are a man with excessive hair growth on your chest, back, legs, arms and neck you now have a product that will get rid of the hair, even dense hair growth, and treat the hair root to reduce future growth.

Hairfree works on all skin types and has no side affects. It uses safe and proven hair root bio-engineering to treat hair roots. Hairfree is applied once every week for 30 days or until hair growth has slowed down and ceased. It contains breakthrough active compound Growth Shield Factor 2:0.

Hairfree penetrates the surface via the hair follicles, to treat the matrix bulb of the hair root – the place where hair growth starts. It shrinks the hair roots just like you are going bald!

This pack has sufficient Hairfree to treat a moderate level of hair growth. If you are looking to remove hair from your whole body select the Male Full Body Hair Removal Pack.