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Stop the growth of unwanted hair with Hairfree

hairfree hair remover

Hairfree Hair Removal System
with built-in hair growth inhibitor

Hairfree is a scientifically developed hair removal system with a built-in hair growth inhibitor. Hairfree dissolves hair above and below the skin and treats the root to stop hair growth. Each product is formulated to target a specific hair removal problem. Results are excellent and longer-lasting than laser hair removal.

That’s why we say Hairfree is like laser hair removal – in a tube!

Key benefits of Hairfree

  • Works like laser hair removal to give you long-term results
  • Stop hair growth on your face and body in 4 - 6 weeks
  • Get 99.5% hair removal with smooth hairless skin
  • The FDA approved ingredients are safe and kind-to-the-skin
  • Hairfree neutralizes each hair root to stop hair growth
  • High tolerance formulations safe and gentle on your skin
  • Hairfree is best hair removal method with long-term results
  • Scientifically formulated hair removal for all body areas
  • Strong formulation for men’s beard hair and body hair
  • Contains natural ingredients which are kind to the skin

Overview of Hairfree

The revolutionary new way to remove unwanted hair and reduce long-term hair growth

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Hairfree for men

Men’s hair removal – even tough androgen-driven male hair – can be treated with Hairfree

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Hairfree for women

Join the elite group who have discovered Hairfree hair removal cream for women

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How does it work?

Hairfree dissolves hair and neutralizes the follicles to stop hair growth long-term

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How to use Hairfree

Apply the hair follicle cream for 4 – 6 weeks until new hair growth has slowed down and ceased

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Hairfree – the science

Hairfree introduces new genetic instructions to the hair root to reduce natural growth activity

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Before & after photos

See the long-term results of Hairfree from these photos contributed by our customers

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