About Hairfree

The desire to make a difference to people’s lives by bringing easy long-term hair removal solutions within the reach of everybody has been the driving philosophy of Hairfree.

About Hairfree Hair Free Hair Remover

At Hairfree we are well aware of the effects on an individual’s self-esteem of excessive body hair. To have clear, healthy, hair-free skin sends a signal to those we meet that we care about our appearance and ourselves.

We believe that being confident and comfortable in your own skin is an important human requirement. It helps contribute to our happiness and well-being. Having clear, healthy skin is a universal sign of health and contentment. It follows that having clear, healthy skin without too much body hair also contributes to our health and happiness.

Men and woman always want to look their best for many different reasons. Having smooth hair-free skin is part of this process. We believe that by achieving clear, healthy, hair-free skin you’ll become a more beautiful you.

At Hairfree we have realised this ambition in an easy and cost effective way by bringing long-term hair removal solutions within the reach of everybody.

We have developed a systematic approach to research focusing on organic plant based concepts and multicellular exploration.  The success of our products has allowed us to explore new horizons for the benefit of consumers worldwide.

We are constantly working on new products and bringing those, with a good chance of success, to market. As with all of our products, only the finest ingredients are used and we continue to focus on products use natural ingredients to achieve safe and risk-free results.

About Hairfree Hair Free Hair Remover

By bio-engineering the cells in the matrix bulb of the hair root to replicate the cell activity found at the onset of male pattern baldness, scientists have succeeded in restricting hair growth.

The company is proud to have demonstrated leadership and entrepreneurship in a number of areas.

It has taken our researchers, based in Japan, three and a half years to develop the technology that drives Hairfree. The breakthrough came with the development of GSF2:0 compound which modifies the growing behaviour of hair roots, resulting, for the first time, in a long-term cessation of hair growth.

When introducing new genetic instructions to the matrix, the follicle is programmed to neutralize the hair root and stop further growth activity. This discovery, together with the unique transdermal delivery technique which enables Hairier active ingredients to be efficiently delivered to the hair root, is changing the beauty regime of millions of men and women.

For the first time a product is available which modifies the growth activity of the hair root, but without damaging the skin or causing pain to the patient.

Hairfree was one of the first to develop ‘nutrient engineering’ techniques which restrict the flow of nutrients to the matrix hair bulb. This results in the miniaturisation of the hair root and ultimately restricts the growth of new hair.

The desire of our researchers to make a difference to people’s lives has been the lasting philosophy of Hairfree and this is amply demonstrated by the benefits experienced by thousands of users of The Hairfree Hair Removal System.