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Check out our Hairfree FAQs.

  • How does this product work?

    Hairfree reacts with the matrix bulb at the base of the hair follicle. The effect is like replicating the process of male pattern baldness. Hairfree reduces the concentration of nutrients at the base of the follicle – the place where hair growth starts. This causes miniaturisation of the root so that the hair becomes progressively thinner and softer. With continual use, the hair ceases to grow and the result is smooth hair-free skin.

  • How long before my hair starts to grow back?

    Hairfree will neutralise hair roots and prevent growth for the same period as you would achieve with laser hair removal. Growth of new hair is reduced every time you use the cream. Permanent hair reduction is achieved after using Hairfree for approximately 30 days. You will have treated all hairs in the growth cycle by this time and you should notice a dramatic reduction in the density and thickness of hairs on your skin. Significantly less hair should grow back with each application. When the hair is removed it grows back thinner and slower each time you use Hairfree.  Eventually after four or five applications hair growth should have stopped completely

  • How do I use the product?

    Hairfree is very easy to apply. Simply extrude a small amount of the product onto your fingertips. You’ll need to use about 50% more than if you were applying a moisturising cream. Spread over the area you want hair -free.  Leave for 4 – 5  minutes depending on your skin type. This gives the cream time to penetrate through the skin and reach the hair follicle. Then using the supplied scraper blade, wipe off the dissolved hair and excess cream.

  • How many applications will I need?

    Depending upon hair type and thickness, you will need to apply every week for 4 to 6 weeks to completely halt hair growth. Six weeks is recommended for tough beard growth. This is because hair follicles need to be in the Anagen or Active Growth Phase for Hairfree to kill the root. Approximately 70% of hair follicles are in either Telogen or Catagen Phase at any one time and will not be responsive to treatment. After each application new hair growth will noticeably reduce each time until all follicles have been treated and new growth ceases completely.

  • How is this different to other hair removers?

    Hairfree works differently to all other hair removers because it dissolves hair AND kills the hair root. To enable transdermal absorption of the active ingredients, Hairfree dissolves the protein structure of hair below the surface and then delivers the active ingredients directly to the hair root to prevent new growth.

  • Is it safe to use?

    The active ingredients in Hairfree have been dermatalogically tested and proven to be safe when used as directed. Ingredients are FDA approved and have not resulted in any known side-effects. A small number of users may experience slight stinging and itching if the product is left on the skin for more than six minutes.

  • Are there any reported side-effects?

    No adverse long-term side effects have been reported.

  • Should I do a patch test before using?

    Skin sensitivity to the product depends upon the area of the body being treated. However, we recommend that you treat a small area at first and monitor your skin’s reaction to see if you experience any discomfort. Clinical data has shown that only 1/2% of users have experienced any discomfort.

  • Is it painful or uncomfortable to use?

    Some users may experience a tingling sensation when the product is applied but within a few minutes but as soon as the product is wiped off the skin this will subside.

  • Can I use it on broken or irritated skin?

    It is not advisable to use Hairfree on or near fresh scars, broken skin or recently sun burnt skin.

  • Are there any sensitive ares to avoid?

    The key areas to exercise special caution when using Hairfree are the genital areas, eyes, nipples and any mucous membranes areas of the body. Do not use on nipples or vagina but only on surrounding skin.

  • Does it work on all types of hair?

    Yes. There are no hair types that have not responded to treatment with Hairfree. Thicker hair will require more product and longer treatment time than thinner hair.

  • Are the ingredients FDA approved?

    The active ingredients in Hairfree have FDA approval and have been shown in dermatalogical and clinical data to be safe to use.

  • Does it damage the hair root?

    Hairfree kills the hair root but does not damage the “sheath” of the root or surrounding skin. The ingredients are absorbed into the hair follicle and inhibit the ability of the hair root to regenerate.

  • Can I use it after having laser treatment?

    It is not advisable to use Hairfree within seven days of having laser hair removal. Laser treatment will not affect all growing hairs. You should wait until new hair growth is visible before using Hairfree.

  • Is the treatment reversable?

    The effects of Hairfree cannot be immediately reversed. Special care should be taken when using the product. If areas of the body come into contact with the product, hair growth will cease in those areas depending upon how long the product stayed in contact with the skin. Do not leave product on your hands and then touch your scalp or eyebrows.

  • How long should my hair be when using?

    For Hairfree to be most effective you should have a small growth of approximately 1mm of hair on the area to be treated. This is because the product must be absorbed by surface hair for the active ingredients to penetrate below the surface of the skin to reach the hair follicle and treat the hair root.

  • Does HairFree work on blond and light colored hair?

    Hairfree works on all kinds of hair; blond to black, straight or curly, fine or coarse.  Unlike laser hair removal Hairfree will react with all colors and all types of hair.

  • Can HairFree be used on the private parts of the body?

    Use Hairfree Intimate Hair Remover for effective removal of pubic hair.  It is safe to use on skin areas but not on any membrane parts of the body.  If you take care to ensure no membrane parts come into contact with the cream then you can use this to remove pubic hair.  If you are unsure you should test a small area first to check for any adverse reaction.

  • Can HairFree treat grey hair?

    Hairfree works on all kinds of hair; grey to black, straight or curly, fine or coarse.  Unlike laser hair removal Hairfree will react with all colors and all types of hair.