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Male Body, Beard & Intimate Hair Removal Pack

Get rid of unwanted hair on your body, beard and intimate areas with these three specially formulated products

This pack contains:

  • 2 tubes of Male Body Hair Remover
  • 1 tube of Male Beard Hair Remover

Tube size:
75ml / 2.5 Fl oz.

  • I just received your hair free hair remover yesterday. OMG!!! I love it. It removed the facial hair with no burning, no redness, even after I washed it off, I could actually rub my face and skin. I have used nair, neet, and I tried veet, sally hansen too. They all didn't quite remove all the hair, and it BURNED!! A BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRODUCT!!

    Darlene R - 03/06/2018
  • I got my parcel. Thanks dear... I wanna thank u because your product really works. Lots of love n hugs to you dear Michelle.

    Goldi H - 04/06/2018
  • It takes longer than they say but it works.

    Thy Johnson - 02/12/2017
  • After reading a review I had to try this product. For me the skin is ok after using this, no rash or redness. The hair comes off easy and grows back thinner every time. I'm happy with the results.

    C. Melloy - 19/09/2017
  • I am writing to tell you that I am highly pleased with the results I have obtained from using Hairfree for the first time. I no longer have the persistent weekly task of shaving my upper lip. What a relief! It is now three months since I started using it and there is still no sign of any hair growing back.

    M. Perla - 26/02/2018
  • I have to say that this really has turned my life around. The cream worked almost instantly removing my facial hair but it grew back thinner and I had to keep reapplying before the growth stopped completely. So it does work but you need to be patient and be prepared to apply it many, many times to get the full effect. I strongly recommend this product.

    R. Palmer - 06/01/2018
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2 x Male Body Hair Remover

Strong formula for androgen-driven male hair on chest, back, arms, legs, etc

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1 x Male Beard Hair Remover

General purpose hair remover for women or men with thinner hair

In stock

Male body hair, beard hair and pubic hair all have a slightly different keratin structure. That’s why our research chemists have created three modified formulations to attack androgen-driven male hair.

With these three versions, you can test the incredible effects of our award-winning products. Hairfree dissolves the hair shaft to allow passage of the active ingredients to be “pulled” down into the hair shaft to kill the hair root. Hairfree – laser hair removal – in a tube!

Apply twice a week for 30 – 45 days to achieve permanent removal of tough, androgen-drive, men’s body and beard hair. For intimate hair removal.

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