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How does it work?

Hairfree is like laser hair removal - in a tube. The active ingredient GSF2:0 is pulled into each hair root. It dissolves hair and kills the root. Get that smooth-as-silk feeling on your body and face without pain and expense.

Hairfree – a new hair removal cream with a difference

Most hair removal creams just get rid of surface hair. Hairfree dissolves hair above and below the surface of the skin. It is absorbed into the hair follicle and reacts with the matrix bulb of the hair root – the place where hair growth starts – to neutralise the hair root and stop hair growth.

Hairfree is an easy to use wipe-on-wipe-off cream

The core formulation in the range is a broad spectrum 2-in-1 hair remover and hair growth inhibitor suspended in an easy to use wipe-on-wipe-off cream.

It dissolves hair and destroys the hair follicle, thus stopping the follicle from producing further hairs. It creates the same results as laser hair removal but by a completely different scientific route.

Each product in the Hairfree range is specifically formulated to target certain types of male and female facial and body hair and give you smooth, totally hairless skin.

Hairfree recreates the conditions found in male pattern baldness

Instead of damaging the hair root, like laser hair removal, Hairfree gradually shrinks the root so it shrivels up and stops growing. The process is similar to male pattern baldness which leads to permanent hair removal. It is kind and gentle on the skin and reduces hair growth without damaging the surrounding tissue.

The nutrient engineering in Hairfree is carried out by a new breakthrough active compound GSF 2:0 – Growth Shield Factor 2:0 – which safely recreates the conditions found in the matrix bulb of the hair root at the onset of male pattern baldness.


Is there a way to stop hair growth?

Hair growth can be managed but completely stopping it is challenging. Methods such as
laser hair removal and electrolysis can significantly reduce hair growth, but multiple
sessions may be required.

How can I delay my hair growth?

Shaving, trimming, or using hair removal creams are temporary methods to delay hair
growth. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep hair growth at a desired length.

What chemical kills hair follicles?

Chemicals like depilatory creams can break down hair proteins, causing them to
dissolve. However, these products don’t kill hair follicles. For more permanent results,
consider professional treatments like laser hair removal or electrolysis.

How do I stop my back hair from growing?

Methods to manage back hair include waxing, shaving, using hair removal creams, or
seeking professional help for long-lasting solutions like laser hair removal.

The four magic steps to permanent loss of unwanted hair. Hairfree dissolves hair and kills the root and prevents future growth

  • 1. Hairfree is “pulled” down into the hair shaft.
  • 2. Hair dissolved above the surface of the skin.
  • 3. Hair dissolved below skin to access follicle.
  • 4. Hair root starved of essential nutrients.

Going . . . going . . . gone !

Hairfree gradually reduces hair growth with each successive application. 93% of users report permanent results after 30 days. Click here for supporting data.

  • 25x close-up photo shows five days male beard hair growth.
  • Less hair grows back. Hair thinned out evenly and is weaker.
  • 60% of hair follicles have shrunk and continue to thin-out.
  • 70% reduction in visible growth of new hair.
  • 80% of follicles have shrunk restricting growth of new hair.
  • Majority of hair follicles have ceased to produce new hair.

The science behind Hairfree

Breakthrough ingredient GSF2:0 is the magical compound which inhibits hair growth and gives you smooth Hairfree skin on your body and face,

Hairfree modifies the matrix bulb of the hair root

The nutrient engineering in Hairfree is carried out by a new breakthrough active compound GSF2:0 which recreates the conditions in the matrix bulb of the hair root at the onset of male pattern baldness.

This is the technology which enables Hairfree to modify the growing behaviour of hair roots, resulting, for the first time, in a long-term cessation of hair growth.

Cell division is responsible for the hair growth cycle.

The new cells push the hair forward to make it grow longer, so the new hair is added at the root. By bio-engineering the cells in the matrix bulb of the hair root to replicate the cell activity found at the onset of male pattern baldness, scientists have succeeded in halting hair growth.

By introducing new genetic instructions to the matrix, the follicle is programmed to neutralize the hair root and stop further growth activity. This discovery, together with the unique transdermal delivery technique which enables Hairfree to be efficiently delivered to the hair root, is changing the beauty regime of millions of men and women.


Hairfree products are made with the finest naturally-derived, ethically sourced ingredients and are NOT tested on animals

How does it work? Hair Free Hair Remover

Products are 100% vegan and vegetarian. They do not contain any animal by-products or ingredients. Products are free from haram alcohols, animal derivatives, parabens and harmful chemicals. Hairfree ingredients have not been tested on animals and we are against all forms of animal testing.

No Paraben Preservatives
Hairfree products do not contain parabens or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives such as dialyzed urea. Parabens are a type of preservative used in many main-stream skincare and cosmetics. In recent years they have come under scrutiny as they’re believed to be ‘carcinogenic’ (an ingredient linked with causing cancer).

Halal Approved Ingredients
Hairfree products are free from harsh haram alcohols such as ethanol and denatured alcohol and do not contain any animal derived ingredients.

Responsible Ingredient Sourcing
Hairfree products are made with respect for Planet Earth. We source ingredients that are ethically harvested and that are sustainable. We always respect the ecosystem of local communities and help raise awareness about un-ethical ingredients found in cosmetic products.

Not Tested on Animals
Hairfree ingredients have not been tested on animals and are free of all animal derived ingredients. Our company is strongly against all forms of animal testing and we insist on verifiable confirmation from our ingredient suppliers that this is the case.

100% Vegan & Vegetarian
Hairfree products are 100% Vegan & Vegetarian, i.e. they do not contain any animal ingredients at all such as part of an animal like gelatin or animal fats, or derived from an animal such as honey, beeswax, lactic acid, etc. Neither do they contain any animal bi-products.

No Synthetic Colors 
We do not use any artificial coloring or dyes in any Hairefree products. F D & C colors are derived from coal tar and are a derivative of petroleum. They are known to cause cantcer Hairfree products are free from harsh haram alcohols such as ethanol and denatured alcohol and do not contain any animal derived ingredients.

Active Ingredients 
The Hairfree range of hair removal products is based on the following formulation, modified for use on varying types of body hair from female facial hair, leg hair, underarm hair, etc to male body hair and thick coarse androgen-driven male beard hair: Aqua, Guar gum, Mercaptoacetic Acid, Propylene Glycol, White Oil, Vaseline, KOH, Steary Alcohol, Calcium Oxide, Growth Shield Factor 2:0; Lauryl Isoquinolinium Bromide, Aloe Vera

Side effects

There are no side effects! Hairfree is safe to use and gentle on your skin. You will experience a slight tingling sensation as the ingredients get pulled into the hair root.

How does it work? Hair Free Hair Remover

All Hairfree products have been dermatalogically tested by an independant laboratory to ensure compatibility with a wide range of skin and body hair types.

FDA Approved Ingredients
Each formulation contains a range of FDA approved ingredients which both remove hair and prevent growth of new hair. Hairfree products are easy to apply and provide long-term hair removal when use regularly over a period of approximately 30 days.

No side effects or skin reactions
Before you put any medicinal or cosmetic product on your skin you need to make sure it’s safe, harmless and will have no detrimental side effects. After supplying many thousands of customers with Hairfree products we can safely report that you should not suffer and side-effects or allergic reaction.

Safe and Effective After Treatment
The formulation for Hairfree Hair Growth Inhibitor Gel consists of Growth Shield Factor 2:0 without the element of hair removal. This powerful after-treatment is designed to transmit to the hair follicle the essential active ingredients that inhibit hair growth. The same rigorous dermatalogical tests have been applied to this product and you should experience no side effects or skin irritation.

High Tolerance Formulations
Each product in the Hairfree range has been targeted to treat specific hair removal issues and this policy has enabled us to push the ability of high tolerance formulations to the limit and so enable the best possible results every time.

Effective For All Skin Types
The product is formulated to respond to all hair colours in the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale (see below) which covers blond to black hair, straight or curly hair, fine or coarse hair.  Unlike laser hair removal Hairfree will react with all colors and all types of hair.

Non-allergenic Formulations
Even if you have suffered an allergic reaction using other products and your skin is hypersensitive you should find that Hairfree formulations can be used regularly on all types of skin without causing side effects or skin irritation.

Powerful Active Ingredients
The formulation of Hairfree is a delicate balance of active ingredients which are strong enough to do a good job of hair removal and hair root negation, but not too strong that they cause skin irritation.

Clinical trial

Scientists testing Hairfree have shown that over a 30 day period the overall decrease in hair growth was measured at 93%

How does it work? Hair Free Hair Remover

The trial has demonstrated that the effects of using Hairfree can be better than electrolysis and laser hair removal and ipl hair removal.

A total of 68 participants, 46 female and 22 male between the ages of 23 and 67 years, completed the trial. Six participants did not complete the trial for personal scheduling reasons. Participants were randomly split into two groups. Half were given Hairfree and half were given placebo consisting of a moisturizing cream. This was applied at weekly intervals for four weeks on the same day over the trial period of nine weeks.

Participants returned every week for measurement and evaluation. The following significant differences could be observed between Hairfree treated areas and placebo treated areas of skin. An overall decrease in hair density on areas treated with Hairfree™ of +/- 25% every week was measured

using a Cross-Section Trichometer over five square centimeter of skin x 100 (mm2/cm2 x 100). Participants also noted a reduction in hair thickness during the trial.

At the conclusion of the 30 day study an overall decrease in hair density on HairFree treated areas was +/- 93% measured using a Cross-Section Trichometer. Hairfree has been shown to be a safe and effective method for progressively reducing hair root growth.

Conducted by: Dr Shibata, MD., Dr T. Saito, MD., J. L. Ueda.

How does it work? Hair Free Hair Remover