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Please note: Results vary from user to user depending on hair thickness, hair density and hair color. If you have thick, dark hair you may need to use more HairFree than if you have thinner, lighter hair.

HairFree No.1- the best way to remove unwanted hair – the new alternative to laser hair removal.

HairFree No.1 works by painlessly shrinking the hair root to prevent new hair growth.


34howworksNewly discovered compound GSF2.0 modifies the patient’s own cells to limit growth of new hair It has taken researchers three and a half years to develop the technology which enables HairFree No.1 to modify the growing behaviour of hair roots, resulting, for the first time, in a long-term cessation of hair growth.

Cell division is responsible for the hair growth cycle. The new cells push the hair forward to make it grow longer, so the new hair is added at the root. By bio-engineering the cells in the matrix bulb of the hair root to replicate the cell activity found at the onset of male pattern baldness, scientists have suceeded in halting hair growth.

By introducing new genetic instructions to the matrix, the follicle is programmed to neutralize the hair root and stop further growth activity. This discovery, together with the unique transdermal delivery technique which enables HairFree permanent hair remover to be efficiently delivered to the hair root, is changing the beauty regime of millions of men and women.

closeupsHairFree No.1 hair remover reacts with the matrix bulb at the base of the hair follicle. The effect is like replicating the process of male pattern baldness. It reduces the concentration of nutrients at the base of the follicle – the place where hair growth starts. This causes miniaturisation of the root so that the hair becomes progressively thinner and softer.   With continual use, the hair ceases to grow and the result is smooth hair-free skin. With new HairFree No.1 hair removal for women does not have to be a continual battle with unwanted hair. HairFree No.1 can give you long-lasting results unlike old fashioned hair removal methods. Hair removal for men, especially chest hair removal, back hair removal and neck hair removal, can now be achieved at a low cost and in the privacy of your own home.

Three simple steps to achieve long-term freedom from unwanted hair:

hair removal productsMATRIX BULB RECEIVES NEW GENETIC CODE By introducing new genetic instructions to the matrix bulb during the Anagen growth phase, the root is starved of nutrients.   hair removal products

HAIR GROWTH IS RESTRICTED BY MINIATURISATION OF THE ROOT This process slowly shrinks the hair root in a similar way to having laser treatment but without the skin trauma and pain.  

hair removal productsHAIR ROOT IS NEUTRALISED TO PREVENT FURTHER GROWTH Similar to the effects of male pattern baldness, the hair root stops growing and or producing new hair.  


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