Apply this soothing aftercare gel at the end of every hair removal session to leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Contains topical inhibitor gel which penetrates each hair follicle pulling the active ingredients to the hair root to intensify the performance of Hairfree

Suitable for men and women

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  • Soothing Aftercare Gel with Growth Inhibitor HairFree Hair Remover

    My skin feels so smooth now I'm just overjoyed.

    Stevas G - 30/01/2018
  • Soothing Aftercare Gel with Growth Inhibitor HairFree Hair Remover

    Fantastic product. Does what has been promised.

    Jeanette M - 12/09/2017
  • Soothing Aftercare Gel with Growth Inhibitor HairFree Hair Remover

    Thanks for your excellent service. I would like to order another tube as I now want to do my legs and bikini hair. It is incredible that three months later there is still no sign of hair on my face. This has really boosted my confidence. Keep up the good work!

    Deborah - 21/11/2017
  • Soothing Aftercare Gel with Growth Inhibitor HairFree Hair Remover

    I have found that your product takes longer to work than you say. It was nearly two months before the hair on my bikini line eventually disappeared. But I have to say it has never grown back.

    G. Pourcel - 18/09/2017
  • Soothing Aftercare Gel with Growth Inhibitor HairFree Hair Remover

    Thanks so much! You have my endorsement to say, 'Stellar Customer Service"

    Sara Anne L - 03/06/2018

Key benefits

  • Apply after hair removal session to calm the skin
  • Active ingredient gets pulled down into hair root
  • Use after waxing or plucking to sooth the skin
  • Non-greasy, non-allergenic safe to use on sensitive skin
  • Speeds-up and intensifies the effects of Hairfree
  • Apply after shaving to reduce growth
  • Use after removing hair with rotating epilator
  • Use in conjunction with salon laser or home laser

Soothing Aftercare Gel with Growth Inhibitor will leave your skin feeling calm and refreshed

Use Soothing Aftercare Gel with Growth Inhibitor acts as an additional treatment to improve and intensify the effects and reach your hair removal goals faster. Just like laser hair removal it helps kill the hair follicle to prevent hair growth.

Apply Soothing Aftercare Gel with Growth Inhibitor after Hairfree Hair Remover when the hair shaft has been dissolved and the outer root sheaf is clear to allow passage of the active ingredients of Growth Shield Factor 2:0. The gel should be applied immediately after using any Hairfree hair removal product. Use in conjunction with any Hairfree product to enhance and intensify the hair reduction process.

Can be used in conjunction with most hair removal methods to reduce post depilation hair growth. Slows down hair growth after shaving, waxing or plucking. Effective when used in conjunction with rotating epilator, home laser or salon hair removal.

Of the many options available for an individual looking for the best hair removal method, Hairfree hair removal products should be seriously considered in the mix. No hair removal method is entirely perfect. Salon waxing is expensive and painful. Depilatory creams only offer a short term remedy. Will laser treatment result in permanent hair removal? But Hairfree combines the best of all these qualities and delivers you safe, low cost hair removal at home.

All Hairfree hair removal products include the breakthrough ingredient Growth Shield Factor 2:0 which puts roots to ‘sleep’ by penetrating the hair root to neutralise the root matrix and stop hair growth. Hairfree hair removal products dissolve surface hair and ‘clear the root shaft’ to allow penetration of these essential elemental ingredients.

This non-oily, fast drying gel penetrates the hair follicles to neutralise hair roots. It reduces the concentration of nutrients at the base of the follicle – the place where hair growth starts. This “nutrient engineering” causes miniaturisation of the root so that hair growth becomes progressively thinner and softer. Whether you have dark hair or blond hair, white skin or dark skin, the product will perform at its peak.

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Carbomer, Glycerin, Propanediol, Aloe Vera, Deionized Water, Growth Shield Factor 2:0; Lauryl Isoquinolinium Bromide, Triethanolamine, Fragrance