Hairfree Hair Remover

Hairfree Hair Remover for men and women. Remove unwanted hair on arms, underarms, legs, etc.

Hello, I just want to say I have used the product now for three weeks and I already see a major reduction. I am shocked.
Tina Powell London, UK

Tube size:
75ml / 2.5 Fl oz.

  • My review: I am surprised and impressed by this product. It goes on without any fuss and is quicker than waxing or shaving. I used it mostly on my upper lip and sideburns and started to see really noticeable results after about two weeks! I would recommend this to friends and family.

    Whitelaw T - 22/02/2018
  • I got my parcel. Thanks dear... I wanna thank u because your product really works. Lots of love n hugs to you dear Michelle.

    Goldi H - 04/06/2018
  • I received my first order and it works great.  I'd like to make another order.  Thank you. Please contact me . Thank You --John Clinton

    John Clinton - 11/02/2018
  • Thank you for the excellent service and an unexpectedly great product.

    Henri H - 03/04/2018
  • Hey there, just want to thank you guys for such an amazing product I'm so thankful I received the tube and I used it right after. Seriously I thought I wouldn't see the results on the first use but damn I got rid of all the hair at the target area maybe because they were light baby hair. This product worked on the first use and its honestly unbelievable and then I noticed fewer hairs than there were before when I used it again so it’s working great for me but my question is can you ship me another six tubes really fast? Like I now never want to see hair on that area ever again? Thanks once again!

    Akshay M - 02/02/2018
  • I have recently purchased this item online. I found the cream to be pleasant to use thou I use it primarily on my under arms and it does not sting/burn at all. The product is like a miracle! Even after a few days i noticed that my under arm hair was much thinner and much less growing back. As i am a yoga teacher I don't want to be showing my hairy armpits and this is the only product that I've used that easy and gets rid of hair for a long time. I have since used it on my upper lip and few hairs on my chin and after six weeks the hair has not grown back. Next stop is my legs. I'm very happy with these results.

    W. Stansfield - 14/10/2017
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Stop hair growth dead in its tracks with Hairfree Unisex hair removal cream for male and female body hair. Achieve permanent hair
removal and get silky-smooth skin. Easy to use at home.

Hairfree Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor is a unique formula for
permanent removal of all types of body hair. Gives you clear, smooth,
totally hairless skin. Works for all hair colors. Painless.

This revolutionary 2-in1 hair remover first of all dissolves surface hair, then reduces growth of new hair with a unique root treatment
formulation known as Growth Shield Factor 2:0.

Reduce regular shaving, waxing and salon visits when you use Hairfree Hairfree Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor. Get salon-quality hair
removal in the privacy of your own home.

Men with coarse, thick hair growth should use Hairfree Male Body Hair Remover formulated to attack male androgen-driven hair.

How to use Hairfree Hair Remover

  • Smooth a thin layer of cream over the hair to be treated.
  • Wait 4-5 minutes for cream to disolve hair and treat the root. Scrape off.
  • Rinse with towel or wash. Repeat weekly for 30 days until growth stops.

How much Hairfree do I need to use?

Quantity of tubes shown is the total amount you need for 30 days’ treatment.
Remember, you need to continue treatment for 30 days to achieve permanent results.
If you have thick, dark hair you may need to use up to 50% more cream than shown.