Female Facial Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor

Get permanent reduction of unwanted facial hair. Formulated for sensitive facial areas of the upper lip, cheeks, and chin but powerful enough to iradicate strong dark facial hair. Dissolves hair above and below the skin and shrinks the hair root for long-term elimination of hair.

Suitable for women

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  • I just received your hair free hair remover yesterday. OMG!!! I love it. It removed the facial hair with no burning, no redness, even after I washed it off, I could actually rub my face and skin. I have used nair, neet, and I tried veet, sally hansen too. They all didn't quite remove all the hair, and it BURNED!! A BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRODUCT!!

    Darlene R - 03/06/2018
  • Incredibly pleased with this product!! My mother is now interested in it after seeing my results. I have two facial before and after photos to send you and I'll now order the three tube pack would be a great present for her! Please get back to me and I will submit the photos in an attachment.Thank you again!

    Hannah Thomas - 11/03/2018
  • your product is a miracle it self and l am well pleased - 4 and half stars to you because it too me it saves more time in the future

    Tisha Munyoro - 23/01/2018
  • I tried this cream as an alternative to using depilatory creams that lasts longer and found that it works if you give it time. If you have sensitive skin and you are looking for an alternative method of hair removal then I would definitely recommend this as it did not burn or itch which other creams have done. If you're looking for a long lasting hair removal solution, this is it.

    M Carlyle - 09/11/2017
  • I've been using Hairfree since November last year (approx. 8 treatments so far) with fantastic results. I still have a few treatments to go, but I was expecting a longer than usual timeframe since my case is affected by hormonal and genetic factors.Please let me know.Thanks and regards,

    elisa hope - 16/02/2018
  • I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am very impressed with your product and truly appreciate the service and help I have received. Using it is as easy as you say.

    Cheng V - 21/07/2018
  • I love this product. I thought I’d try as I have sensitive skin and I get rashes from waxing. It sounded too good to be true but it worked for me.

    W. Jenkers - 11/11/2017

Key benefits

  • Get permanent reduction of hair on upper lip, cheeks, chin
  • Reduces hair growth to zero in 30 days
  • Get smooth hair-free skin without stubbly regrowth
  • Produces results as good as salon laser hair removal
  • Neutralizes hair roots to stifle hair growth
  • Suitable for all hair types from blond to black

Are you searching for permanent facial hair removal for women?

How do you remove facial hair and prevent long-term regrowth? With new Hairfree Female Facial Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor this innovative product now makes the task easier and more efficient. There is nothing as nice as a smooth hair-free complexion, free from fuzz or visible hard bristles. Now you can quickly and easily achieve permanent hair removal with this new product hailed as the best facial hair removal product to be launched for years.

Female Facial Hair Remover is formulated for use on sensitive facial skin

This product is formulated for use on sensitive facial skin but is designed to get rid of all types of facial hair from wispy blond superficial surface, sometimes called “fuzz”, to dark thick facial hair growth. If you have tried hair follicle cream, IPL laser, waxing or a home laser hair removal device we guarantee you will see improved results with new Facial Hair Remover.

Hairfree dissolves hair above and below the skin

The hair reduction ingredient GSF2:0 works beneath the skin to neutralise the matrix bulb of the hair root. That’s the place where new hair growth starts. It dissolves hair and destroys the hair follicle, thus stopping the follicle from producing further hairs. It produces the same results as laser hair removal, ie, clear, smooth, totally hairless skin. But it achieves its goals by a very different scientific method. By reducing the flow of nutrients to the matrix bulb new hair growth is restricted. It replicates the effect of male pattern baldness, starving the hair root of vital nutrients to stop hair growth. Why use a temporary hair removal method when you can solve the problem long-term with new Hairfree Female Facial Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor?


This product is formulated to react to strong, dark moustache and chin hair

Facial hair has a slightly different protein structure from other female body hair and requires a modified formulation to be effective. If you have strong, dark hair growth on your upper lip, a general purpose hair remover will not do the best job. Hairfree Female Facial Hair Remover is fine-tuned to react with the protein and density of female moustache hair. Chin hair tends to have a dense protein structure often making it hard to remove. But the formulation of Hairfree Female Facial Hair Remover reacts positively to this type of facial hair.

Get rid of the soft, velus hair growth on the cheeks

For soft downy hair growth on the cheeks “fuzz”, you will need to spread the cream in a thinner layer than that required for moustache and chin hair. In addition to dissolving surface hair Hairfree carries on working beneath the skin to neutralise the hair root to reduce future hair growth.

Don’t let excessive facial hair spoil your looks. Hairfree Female Facial Hair Remover is the first of a new generation of hair removal creams which offer the dual benefit of quick and easy hair removal combined with the long-term benefits of reduced facial hair growth. Why spend a fortune on ipl laser treatment when here you have a cheap hair removal method that works just the same.

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How much Hairfree do I need to use?

Quantity of tubes shown is the total amount you need for 30 days’ treatment. Remember, you need to continue treatment for 30 days to achieve permanent results. If you have thick, dark hair you may need to use up to 50% more cream than shown.

Female Facial Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor HairFree Hair Remover



How to use

For permanent hair removal it’s just three easy steps that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Hairfree Female Facial Hair Remover is a 2-in-1 wipe-on-wipe-off cream which is non-allergenic and formulated for sensitive facial skin. It does not cause irritation or burning. Apply the cream every week for 30 days or more until new hair growth has ceased. Each time you use the cream the active ingredients take approximately 4 – 7 days to neutralise hair roots to reduce further growth. Each time you apply Hairfree you’ll notice less and less hair growing back.

Tips & hints

  • For detailed instructions see How to use Hairfree
  • Use the cream each week for 30 days or until you see a reduction in new hair growth to the point where you can no longer see new hair growth.
  • Ensure to leave the cream on your skin for 4 – 5 minutes. Do not rub in.
  • Scrape off the cream with the spatula or a damp face cloth soaked in cold water.
  • Before applying Hairfree degrease your skin using a non-oily make-up remover or a skin cleanser. This helps to remove dead skin, dirt and oil out of skin pores to ensure the active ingredients in Hairfree can penetrate to the hair root.
  • After using Hairfree wait for 30 minutes before applying foundation, make-up, moisturiser or anti-ageing cream to your skin.
  • Each time you use Hairfree you will notice that less hair grows back. This new hair will be thinner and softer. Continue to use once a week until you are unable to see new visible hair growth.