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Hairfree do’s and don’ts


DO Apply Hairfree to skin which has short hair growth of one to two millimetres (1/16th of an inch). This is so the active ingredients can adhere to the hair shaft and neutralise the root.
DO Ensure that your skin is clean, dry and free from grease before applying Hairfree.
DO A small test patch area before applying if you have sensitive skin and check the results to see if there is any adverse reaction.
DO Spread a layer of cream about the thickness of a credit card over the area to be treated
DO Make sure you leave the cream on your skin for 4 – 5 minutes for the active ingredients to work.
DO Wait 5 – 7 days before applying the next treatment of HairFree. Hairs in the Anagen Growth Phase will continue to grow and so require further treatment.
DO Use Hairfree on your private parts but ensure the cream does not come into contact with sensitive membrane areas.


Don’t Shave or remove hair before applying Hairfree. The product will remove the hair and treat the hair root.
Don’t Rub the cream into your skin. Spread evenly using the spatula using light pressure.
Don’t Touch your hair if you have Hairfree on your hands as this could inhibit hair growth in other ares.
Don’t Leave on your skin for more than 10 minutes.
Don’t Use Hairfree if you have a skin rash or on irritated, sunburned, inflamed or broken skin.
Don’t Use Hairfree anywhere near your eyes, (eyebrows) or inside your nose.
Don’t Apply Hairfree within 14 days of having your skin waxed.
Don’t Apply Hairfree with 14 days of receiving hair removal laser treatment.
Don’t Use Hairfree if you are under 18 years of age.