How to Clear Sideburn Hair Permanently Women With Sideburns Hair Free Hair Remover

Women With Sideburns Hair Free Hair Remover

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Women with sideburns or hair on their cheeks are very conscious that this highly noticeable type of hair spoils their looks. While hair on the upper lip is a common problem for women of all ages, less attention is given to an equally embarrassing facial feature – women with sideburns or the desire to remove cheek hair.  In my country, Spain, this is a major beauty problem affecting women young and old.

Women find the presence of sideburn hair to be embarrassing, and many who suffer from them feel quite self-conscious  It’s a common enough occurrence and nothing to be ashamed of, but most women still want these hairs removed in order to avoid criticism or simply to look more appealing to themselves.

Get rid of cheek hair and sideburn hair permanently and you will definitely feel better about yourself and the way you look.  There are, of course, other ways to get rid of sideburn hair which are semi-permanent such as waxing.  However, every woman wants a permanent solution to this problem so here we also discuss the best ways to get rid of sideburn hair permanently.

Waxing for women with sideburns

Waxing is one of the more favoured solutions for women with sideburns.  However, there are some major downsides to using wax to free your face from unwanted hair.  Women With Sideburns Hair Free Hair Remover

For one thing, it’s quite painful and can leave the skin red or swollen for hours—that’s nearly as bad (and certainly just as obvious) as the sideburns themselves. But the worst thing about waxing is the fact that you have to grow the hair back out to a certain length to wax it again. You can’t maintain a completely hairless face with waxing. 

Women with sideburns can also consider laser hair removal

Another option to get rid of sideburn hair is removal laser treatment. These offer the advantage of permanent removal, though the process must be repeated over the course of several weeks. Women With Sideburns Hair Free Hair Remover However, this is also quite painful, and not just for your face. Your wallet will also be in pain if you sign up for this very expensive procedure. 

Another issue with hair removal lasers is that they only work on light skinned persons with dark hair. If you have a light complexion with light hair, or dark skin at all, you’re out of luck. 

Hairfree Facial Hair Removal Cream

Women with sideburns should consider Hairfree – a permanent depilatory cream developed by scientists in Japan.  Unlike all other such creams, it offers some the same advantages of laser treatment: permanent removal of sideburn hair. Unlike most other such creams, it’s designed to be very gentle on sensitive skin.  But Hairfree cream is relatively inexpensive, and it’s not painful.

Another advantage compared to laser hair removal, is the fact that it can be used with equal effectiveness regardless of the user’s skin or hair color. 

Women With Sideburns Hair Free Hair RemoverThe downside is that it does take a few weeks to get fully hairless results. You’ll need to use it weekly for up to six weeks, typically. The cream damages the follicles and prevents future hair growth in that area, indefinitely. 

Whichever method you chose to get rid of sideburn hair permanently from my personal experience it is highly satisfying to look in the mirror and just see beautiful, hairless skin!