Hair removal has been a science that has been worked on for decades. Despite the fact that most people have body hair, it has been on the slide in popularity over the past few decades. Research has been ongoing for methods to remove the body and facial hair permanently. With the onset of advancement in technology, new ways have been developed to give people the chance to enjoy a cleaner and hair-free body. However, permanent hair removal has still been a question of the doubt for most methods today. The most common and long-term hair removal procedure is laser hair removal. However, the costs that go into the laser hair removal procedures, coupled with the long intervals of time that it takes to go through the complete procedure, make it unfavorable for a lot of individuals. Hair removal creams are an alternative to laser hair removal. However, the financial savings that come with these creams also come with a reduction in longevity and effects that aren’t always lasting. Hair removal creams are a cheaper alternative to laser hair removal procedures. But like most hair removal procedures and products, they are also temporary.

With hair creams being a temporary option, this outrageous claim has been put to bed. Hairfree is the next big thing. Is it a cream? Yes. Does it remove hair? Yes. Is it permanent? Also, yes. You read that right. Hairfree is a permanent hair removal at home cream that has permanent and lasting effects. How does it work? Let’s walk you through how Hairfree has been changing the dynamics of the hair removal industry.

How it works

Hair removal creams are an easy-to-use cream available in tubes, that you can apply and wash away yourself. However, most hair removal creams only remove the hair that is above the surface of the skin. Hairfree dissolves hair above and below the surface of the skin. It uses a 2-in-1 specifically engineered formula that has a hair remover AND a hair growth reducer. The breakthrough active compound called GSF2:0 has the ability to recreate conditions similar to male pattern baldness, by limiting the vital nutrients from reaching the core of the hair root.

How Hairfree is better

As we mentioned before, hair removal techniques have been the center of attention for men and women around the world. Laser hair removal has been a widely used method that has a long-term effect on hair removal but that isn’t permanent either. In laser hair removal, the laser damages the hair follicle, which makes it die temporarily. However, with the delivery of vital nutrients to the core, later on, hair growth starts again. Laser hair removal also damages the surrounding tissue of the hair follicle, resulting in skin burns and rashes. In comparison to this, Hairfree works entirely differently. Instead of damaging the hair follicle, Hairfree shrinks it and limits vital nutrients from reaching it. Without actually damaging the hair follicle, Hairfree initiates a shrinking process. The follicle starts reducing in size and starts shrinking. In a few weeks’ time, the follicle shrinks to the extent of dying and leaves a permanent hair removal solution. This method is scar and burn-free and has no side effects.

Ease of use

Laser hair removal devices are available in the market that help you carry out the procedure at home. However, they take longer intervals of time and are not as effective as a proper treatment done at a clinic. But these treatments take time and cost a fortune. Since the results aren’t permanent either, once the treatment is done, you have to carry on with routine maintenance procedures. However, Hairfree is a simple wipe-on and wipe-off cream. You can apply the cream yourself at home, leave it on for the required amount of time, and then wipe it off. While Hairfree also takes a few weeks to show long-term and permanent solutions, it is much cheaper than laser hair removal and much better than most hair removal creams in the market.

With no side effects, Hairfree is currently the best available solution in the market for a permanent hair removal solution. It fits the budget for almost everyone, and the results are amazing.