We are extremely aware of our body hair during summers. With the extra heat comes the use of tank tops, shorts, skirts, and beachwear. However cool we tend to feel in these clothes, our bodies are equally exposed making us sensitive to unwanted body hair. This, of course, leads to us taking action and removing those hairs using several different methods. Shaving and waxing are just some ways we use to get rid of unwanted body hair, with shaving being the most popular.

Although, it might be time for you to consider going for another option if you are tired of the shaving process and bearing the pain of waxing. Considering a hair removal cream can save you from shaving or waxing all over your body this summer. They are an inexpensive alternative that is quick, painless, and easy to use.

Here are instructions on how to safely and effectively use the hair removal cream for smooth and silky skin.


Find The Right Cream

With the ever-increasing variety of hair removal creams, it is quite possible that you get confused over which brand to choose from. And within that brand, you will find lots of choices, but before making a choice, you need to think about your allergies first and then about where you plan on using it. If you plan on using the hair removal cream on your intimate parts, it is vital to choose a cream made specifically for that area, the same goes for your face. You can find the best hair removal cream for intimate areas at Hair Free that are gentle and does not aggravate your skin.


Have A Talk With Your Dermatologist

Consulting with a doctor if you have developed skin conditions, like rashes, hive or allergic reactions, to skin products in the past is a wise decision. Since the hair removal cream is applied directly to the skin is important to keep an eye out for any possible reactions.

The way the cream works is that it breaks down the proteins in your hair with the help of the chemicals present in the cream. At the same time, it also interacts with your skin proteins which can be a cause of developing these reactions.


Do A Test Patch

To check if you are prone to an allergic reaction from the cream it is wise to conduct a test patch 24 hours before using the cream. Our hormone levels are always changing resulting in skin changes as well. This can cause you to allergic to things you were never allergic to before, that is why doing a test patch first can save you from some serious allergic reactions in the future.


Take A Shower First

It is vital to take a shower and then thoroughly dry your skin before applying the hair removal cream. This is essential because you want to make sure that your skin is clean from any lotions or dirt that might interfere with the process of removing your hair with the cream.

Use cold water while showering, as hot water might dry out your skin, hence increasing the chances of skin irritation. After coming out of the shower, Make sure to dry out excess water from the shower as the cream needs to be applied to water-free skin.


Now you are all prepared to use the cream. So get ready to enjoy your silky smooth skin all week long.

Read the instructions carefully and apply the cream for the amount of time suggested. Following the direction will ensure that you get the best results while still protecting yourself.