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What is the cost of laser hair removal?

Is there an alternative which does the same but costs less?


Rebecca Francis is a writer and blogger on health & beauty matters with a special interest in skin care and hair removal techniques for men and women

Rebecca Francis is a writer and blogger on health & beauty matters with a special interest in skin care and hair removal techniques for men and women

If you’ve ever looked into options for hair removal then you have no doubt looked into what laser hair removal clinics offer. You’ll be aware these clinics can charge over $1500 for a full treatment on facial hair with several sessions. Of course, taking one laser hair removal session won’t be enough to rid yourself of upper lip hair or even chin hair and that’s why the total cost mounts up fast. So exactly what is the price of laser hair removal?  You need to ask the salon are there any laser hair removal deals going? Do you have any discount laser hair removal offers?

What you might not know is that you don’t have to take this approach. After all, it’s been reported by many media outlets that laser hair removal can be painful and that it does not always work, especially those with lighter colored hair. Laser hair removal deals aren’t always what they look to be.

You don’t want to risk getting burnt. The price of laser hair removal is often quoted at below the true cost to lure the customer into signing a long-term contract to visit every week for a few months.

Whatever price you will be quoted can be blown out of the water by an amazing new product. This product has recently caught the attention of the media and it offers a real alternative to costly and painful laser hair treatment. It’s called HairFree.  It has the same long-term hair removal effect but without hassle of going to a beauty salon.

It is safe with no side effects, very affordable and will leave you hair free permanently once you have completed the four to six weeks of treatments.  HairFree hair remover is a new hair removal solution that can be done at home.

Developed by a clinical laboratory in Japan, HairFree offers pretty much permanent hair removal. Well, some laser treatment grow back after 6 years. After that amount of time you are quite likely to have forgotten that you even have that surplus hair.

imagesHairFree works by dissolving surface hair and then penetrating the skin to treat the root to stop new hair growing.  It has been likened to replicating the effect of baldness in men.  This is done by shrinking the hair root and starving it of the nutrients necessary to stimulate hair growth.

No you don’t have to worry about the cost of laser hair removal or search the internet for any laser hair removal deals.  You can rid yourself of your bikini line. What boyfriend likes a crazy forest, not many! Then you can attack the leg and under arm hair. Then if you have any unwanted facial hair, tell it to wave goodbye for years to come.

The cream takes +/-30 days to work, but during that time it’s completely painfree and with no side effects, apart from that your hair won’t easily grow back!

If you want to save yourself over $1000 and get results that are painfree and can be done at home, then try HAIRFree today.

It’s not only the cost of laser hair removal which is expensive, there are other methods that will cost quite a lot of money. Traditional hair removal products are not only generally painful, but boy – they can be expensive. Take waxing for example. This is an incredibly painful procedure and not something that many people are willing to sign up for, especially when it comes to the bikini line area.

Getting that bikini line waxed can cost you in the region of $50 and it will leave you with tears in your eyes and feeling somewhat sorry for yourself.

Of course, there are the more affordable home style options such as shaving, tweezing and home waxing. However, faced with a choice of bi-weekly maintenance and something that needs to be applied just once that will provide a hair free result for the long term, I think you’ll agree that HairFree makes complete sense.

The HairFree method is very affordable and it will leave you with a bank account that has not been bruised. HairFree is a hair removal cream is dermatologically tested and recommended and has been recognised by the national media and our customers to offer the best way to remove facial hair.

Having a facial hair problem can be very tiresome. The options available to keep it under wraps aren’t extensive, but they are generally expensive. Hair removal at home ranges from hair removal cream such as Veet hair remover to tweezing them away yourself. Ouch! Even with a low price laser hair removal deal HairFree is still the best option.

If you were to ask us what the best way to remove facial hair is, then we know of a solution that works as a permanent hair removal cream. All you need to do is to apply it to the relevant areas and you can expect a hair removal solution that is effective for the next six years. Even with a discount laser hair removal deal going to a salon does not stack up against HairFree.

That will certainly cut down on the cost of laser hair removal and you’ll no longer have to embarrassed with that upper lip hair or that Movember style moustache that you find hard to control.  And it’s not going to cost you the earth!

Oh, and there’s no downtime either. What are you waiting for?

If you want to save yourself over $1000 and get results that are painfree and can be done at home, then you should try new HairFree.