When women want permanent hair removal they turn to Hairfree. You can do the same - but go one step further with our specially formulated products to help you succeed with your mtf transition. Achieve your goal of smooth feminine skin quickly and painlessly.

Transgender hair removal
Lea Cerezo Brazil-born, transgender model

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Transgender hair removal using the Hairfree System is an easy, low-cost alternative to expensive and painful laser hair removal

One of the biggest problems for mtf transition for transgender people is hair removal. You are looking for a convincing visual reduction in facial and body hair without telltale signs of stubble or dark follicle pinpoint hair growth. You need to present yourself not as the man you were but the transgender woman you want to be. The same is true for any transsexual or transvestite person who is serious about the feminization process. The Hairfree Transformation Pack has been formulated to make a success of mtf transformation.

How to get feminine-looking skin with Hairfree Transformation Pack

So how can you achieve believable, feminine skin on your face, your legs, your arms and your chest? Skin that looks and feels completely feminine and is soft to the touch and not covered in hard bristles?

You can do this with the Hairfree Hair Transformation Pack. It helps solve the problem of visible hair growth and enables a successful transition to a transgender lifestyle. This is a new alternative hair removal method which has huge advantages over existing technology such as IPL laser treatment. Hairfree removes hair above and BELOW the skin. Hairfree then continues to treat each hair root to reduce the growth of new hair. Used once a week for six to eight weeks you can be free of unwanted hair permanently.

Tough, androgen-driven male hair is the most difficult to treat

Female facial and body hair is thinner and softer than male facial and body hair and is easier to remove. The roots are smaller and more shallow. Male hair removal is a more difficult job. The formulation of Hairfree has been fine-tuned to deal with strong androgen-drive male facial and body hair. The ingredients will work through beard hair and thick, dense male body hair and achieve long-term hair growth reduction. If you like to crossdress or are looking for a complete transgender makeover the removal of hair below the surface of the skin is important as this helps to hide visual signs of male hair growth. Before the introduction of Hairfree the only long-term hair removal solution available were IPL laser treatment and electrolysis. How much does this cost? Prices average from $4,000 to $10,000 for full body hair removal.

Frock HairFree Hair Remover

Lea Cerezo Brazil-born, transgender model

Will this result in permanent hair removal for transgender people? This is not the cheapest hair removal method and it involves a large number of visits to a salon. The treatment is uncomfortable and can be painful but it usually works. There is also the risk of being burned or scarred by the laser. Alternatively, with Hairfree the treatment is safe and easy and can be carried out in the privacy of your home.  It has all the advantages of laser hair removal without the cost and pain.

This 2-in-1 cream dissolves hair above and below the skin

In contrast Hairfree has many advantages. It is an easy to use wipe-on-wipe-off cream making it one of the best hair removal remedies to use at home. The 2-in-1 cream dissolves hair above and below the surface of the skin. It then continues to work beneath the skin to treat the hair root and reduce activity in the matrix bulb of the root. The matrix bulb is the place where hair growth starts. When treated with Hairfree it’s the place where hair growth stops.

Frock HairFree Hair Remover

Kylan Wenzel, transgender Miss California

The ingredients in Hairfree replicate the effects of male pattern baldness. The hair root shrinks and reduces the ability of the matrix bulb to create new hair growth. It does this over a period of six to eight weeks. The cream should be applied one a week when there is 1 – 2 mm of hair growth for the ingredients to absorb. As the treatment progresses less and less hair will be seen to grow back. With each successive application of the cream the hair will also grow back thinner and softer.

The ingredients are FDA approved and safe and kind to the skin. There are no reported side-effects from Hairfree Hair Removal Cream of Hairfree Growth Inhibitor Gel as you will see from checking out our product reviews.

Everything you need to achieve feminine skin and the successful transition for mtf feminization is contained in the Hairfree Twelve Tube Transformation Pack

Here is your comprehensive solution for transgender full body hair removal. The Transition Pack consists of:

6 tubes of Male Body Hair Remover
3 tubes of Male Beard Hair Remover
3 tubes of Hair Growth Inhibitor Gel

Hairfree has helped thousands of transgender people solve the problem of unwanted hair. Let Hairfree do the same for you.