Hair removal tips and tricks for transgender people, crossdressers and transsexuals Hair Free Hair Remover

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Hair removal tips and tricks for transgender people, crossdressers and transsexuals Hair Free Hair Remover

Transgender hair removal is an important part of the transition process and should be approached from a long-term point of view to avoiding having to repeat any treatments.









For many transgender women completing their mtf transition, androgen-fuelled terminal hair is one of their biggest concerns. While many hormone replacement therapies will work to decrease new hair growth, these methods are often not enough to get rid of thick beards, chest hair or leg hair. Here are some transgender hair removal tips and tricks for those that want to achieve the coveted hairless look.


Slow but effective, electrolysis is a process which permanently removes

hair by applying a small jolt of electricity down the strand, which destroys the hair’s growth tissue and prevents it from growing back. The method is very effective when kept up over a period of years – but many trans women desire faster effects that will see them achieving the desired feminine appearance much faster. Electrolysis is also expensive and can be quite painful.

Laser hair removal

The trans community is divided on the subject of laser hair removal – some have wonderful experiences with the method, while some experience no results at all! The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the method for ‘hair reduction’ rather than full hair elimination, and it’s important for those seeking permanent transgender hair removal to bear in mind that laser hair removal has different results from person-to-person.


Of course, shaving is one of the quickest fixes out there, and it’s great for keeping leg hair and underarm hair in check. But when it comes to facial hair and pubic hair, most transgender women want to move away from the stubbly sensation that shaving can create. Shaving especially thick hairs like those found in male beards can also lead to shaving rashes and unpleasant bumps.

HairFree Hair Removal

Budget-friendly, painless, fast and effective, Hairfree Hair Removal cream covers all bases effectively. The simple cream can be applied anywhere on the body and immediately gets to work dissolving the protein in the hairs found there, as well as putting the follicle to rest to ensure it can’t grow any more hairs in the future. One of the best drag queen hair removal options, Hairfree doesn’t leave behind any stubble – in fact, hairs grow in lighter and sparser after the first treatment! The method is also much faster than electrolysis or laser hair removal – it takes around 8 weeks to complete a full course, and by that time many of the follicles will have been totally neutralized!