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Transgender Hair Removal Made Easy Hair Free Hair Remover

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Transgender Hair Removal Made Easy Hair Free Hair RemoverTransgender hair removal is one of the most difficult problems to overcome if you want to achieve smooth feminine skin without five o’clock shadow or bristly regrowth coming through.

Having silky smooth skin can make a gal feel fresh, clean and just really girly! No stubble, no hairs and no expected regrowth can really boost your femininity. That’s what trans hair removal is all about.

New Hairfree offers a solution to this problem by gradually eliminating new hair regrowth over a four to six-week period. HairFree first of all dissolves surface hair and then treats the root to stop new hair growing.

If you’re a shemale, a crossdresser or a drag queen or anybody else who likes to wear a skirt once in a while, then read on to discover how you can enjoy being hair free.

Shemale Waxing

First off, whichever hair removal method you use, remember that it’s essential to keep your skin well moisturised. Then once the hair has been removed, you’ll look at your glowing best. Aloe vera is a popular and very effective application to use on the face and the body. It’s also very soothing if you’ve caught the sun too. But transsexual hair removal should not be undertaken if you have been in the sun for too long and your skin has gone to a sensitive red.

If you’ve got just a few hairs that you want to lose, for trans hair removal you might opt for tweezing. It’s a little painful, but not as bad as waxing as you can control the amount of pain that you have to go through and when. If you add moisturiser cream to the area that you want to tweeze first then it will soften up the skin and make each hair easier to remove.

Transition Pack

Shemale Hair Remover

Transgender Hair Removal Made Easy Hair Free Hair RemoverIf you’re looking for shemale hair removal for a longer term solution to your transgender hair removal needs then HairFree has become the preferred solution for air removal amongst the transgender community.

This unique hair removal cream deals with two problems at once by dissolving surface hair and then penetrating the skin to shrink the root with its unique ingredient GSF 2.0 (Growth Shield Factor 2.0) which provides ultra-long periods without hair growth.


This age-old method provides a temporary fix to a permanent problem. Shaving can be overwhelming at times. Also, it may be good for shaving legs, chest, and underarms. But for face and pubes, this isn’t an effective method.

Transwomen have a delicate skin texture and shaving can damage the skin in the long run. Plus it gives a stubbly manly look that’s unwanted.

Also, legs can have thick hair texture which can be a messy business when it comes to shaving. It can leave rashes, cuts bruises, and can be a terrible experience.


Areas Of Treatment For Shemales

Hairfree provides total coverage and can treat all areas of unwanted hair growth. If you’re looking for an effective transvestite hair removal solution and have been recently suffering from excessive body hair, then you’ll know that it’s not the most comfortable situation to be in, unless of course it’s something that suits your look.  HairFree has been tested and proven safe and effective for removing . . .

Hair on your face – this is a tough one – but Hairfree is up to the task if you have the patience to continue with applying HairFree for six weeks or perhaps longer in the case of dark, thick, Androgen-driven hair.

Hair on your stomach – hair around the tummy button area, leading down the pubic area can be very unsightly – especially with today’s fashion of short tops.

Hair on your chest – hair on the chest between the breasts is not going to be something that you want to show off on the beach either.

Hair on your back and neck – this can be a real giveaway and not easy to clear using conventional hair removal creams or even laser treatment.

Hair on your ears – who needs this! It’s not just old men who can get hairy around the ears. Not easy to remove, due to not being able to see into the mirror whilst plucking, the ears can benefit from the application of HairFree.

Hair on your toes – sexy summer sandals aren’t quite so pretty with hairy toes sticking out the front of them.  Any thought of transgender hair removal should also include toes. Toes can be easily shaved, but you’ll need to check that you don’t have any hot dates in your diary. A stubbly toe being dragged across a leg isn’t such a nice experience for a man or a woman when you’re having a romantic moment or two.

Hair on your bikini area – let’s face it, sex is better with no pubic hair so go for transgender hair removal. It’s more sensitive and satisfying. If your pubic hair reaches over to your hips and past them, and half way down your leg then you’ve got a problem. Or at least when you go swimming. Most swimming outfits are not designed to cover such areas and you’ll have to do some fast work with a hair removal method of some type unless you can find something to wear from the Victorian ages!

Hair on your legs – most people get some hair growth on their legs, but getting excessive hair that sticks through tights and has to be continually monitored in case it gets out of hand isn’t much fun.

Hair on your arms  – get rid of it quickly and easily with HairFree. Don’t let this giveaway spoil your looks.

Transgender Hair Removal Made Easy Hair Free Hair Remover

Caitlyn Jenna

Transgender hair removal and that includes transvestite hair removal, has never been easier than with new HairFree – a safe and highly effective cream that is easy to apply and the results are permanent.

Final Thoughts

Trans women can have the courage to follow their authentic selves. Unwanted body hair should never hinder anyone’s dream.

With this in mind, MTF facial hair removal cream empowers you to be confident and feel beautiful. Give it a try, you’ll never regret it.

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Honestly, with our cream, the results of a laser treatment come packed in a tube. Try it for yourself!