Here is a selection of comments from our customers. Hair removal is a very personal and embarrassing subject for most people. These customers have asked us not to publish their full names and addresses.

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It works really well on my back

hair free customer reviewsHairfree customer reviewsI have thick brown/dark brown hair and just started use of this product on my back. It works really well. I have 3 tubes now and am wondering how much more I will need to order later on to treat legs, after treating my private areas, back, and chest/ belly. Is 6 bottles enough to treat these areas with my hair type, or would i need more? Also, how many bottles would I need to get to treat my legs once ive completed the other areas? I look forward to your reply. Thanks for such a great product! :)
C.M. New Delhi. 27.8.2015
back 3.2

Your product is a miracle

hair free customer reviewsHairfree customer reviewsyour product is a miracle it self and l am well pleased - 4 and half stars to you because for me it has worked well and saves me more time in the future
M.T. from Cape Town 14/9/2015

Nothing works as well as this

hair free customer reviewsHairfree customer reviewsI have ordered hair free product before and love it!! There is nothing that works as well as this. I noticed that I did not apply for the coupon (code: Web10) to my new order and was wondering if there is anyway I can receive the 10% off still.
S.D. from Birmingham. 21/7/2015

I am very happy with the results

hair free customer reviewsHairfree customer reviewsI have recently purchased this item online. I found the cream to be pleasant to use thou I use it primarily on my under arms and it does not sting/burn at all. The product is like a miracle! Even after a few days i noticed that my under arm hair was much thinner and much less growing back. As i am a yoga teacher I don't want to be showing my hairy armpits and this is the only product that I've used that easy and gets rid of hair for a long time. I have since used it on my upper lip and few hairs on my chin and after six weeks the hair has not grown back. Next stop is my legs. I'm very happy with these results.
R. W. Stansfield from Denver. 17/02/2015

I absolutely love it!

hair free customer reviewsHairfree customer reviewsI've been using your product for three months now and I absolutely LOVE it! I have seen results within the first week of use and continued to use the product because it gave me smooth and silky skin. I have used it for my face, chest and back, legs, and arms. I recommended this product to all of my family and friends, thank you guys so much!!!
P.G. from Melbourne. 15/8/2015

My hair journey!!!

hair free customer reviewsHairfree customer reviewsl had been hairy for quite a long time on my neck and cheeks.l was no longer confident as woman, I was so hopeless and saving for laser was another thing since l have many responsibilities. After all that struggle of plucking, shaving and waxing a friend told me about hair free and l just thought it was a scam but after seeing other people"s testimonies l decided to give it a try. I ordered two tubes online and l started to use it. l couldn't believe my eyes my hair was getting thinner and thinner and after five weeks the hair just stopped growing back.... I was so relieved because l knew l was no longer a mockery of the society anymore......  was relieved from pimples of ingrown hair, waxing and plucking... this product really works though its expensive thumbs up ***** FIVE STARS
below are my before and after pictures.... 
there was gone totally after four weeks of using hair free….
l am very happy with your product!!!!!
C. M. Cape Town. 18/8/2015

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I am shocked – I already see major reduction

hair free customer reviewsHairfree customer reviewsHello I just want to say I have used the product one time and I already see a major reduction I am shocked. I left it on for 10 minutes and I didn't burn my skin looks a little red but that faded by the next day but I definitely see a major reduction its not even the third it's maybe more than that and my skin feels so smooth - now I’m just overjoyed! My skin feels so smooth now I'm just overjoyed
P.J. Brunswick. 18.7.2015

hairfree review

The hair has never grown back after two months

hair free customer reviewsHairfree customer reviewsi was amazed by the wonders that your product did to me, even up to now i cant believe it. I just think that the hair will grow back but l have to testify. The hair has never grown back after l used this products for two months. I just followed the instruction and l was a bit patient, as the say patients pays. it really paid me, even my wife is very happy, she can even lick my tummy now lol... I just want to say thumbs up for your product.
below are my pictures
thank you ... dankie in afrikaans
i am  looking forward to order other tubes though it is expensive
S.M. Pretoria. 12.5.2015

I really thank you !!!

hair free customer reviewsHairfree customer reviews"Hairy Bugger " I remember that name, a name that l was given by ladies after my hairiness.i was no longer comfortable with myself because of my body hair. So l ended up not approaching any lady because l felt it was useless...I just felt like l was a nobody in this world.i tried waxing but that would be the last thing l would want to do because it is so painful.
l ended up seeking for help from my relatives that resides in England, the only advise that they gave me was laser but it was very expensive for me since l earn a low income...So one day a brother of mine staying in England  told me that he had the same problem (since  every man in our family is like that due to generic factors). He told that he had used Hair free hair removal and it stopped his hair in 5 weeks and he was too shy to testify. So l asked him to order five tubes for me  in England since in here  South Africa it is more expensive to order. So he ordered the five tubes and sent them by post and l received the tubes in two months time that was  June. I started to use the product, the first week l did not see any change. I started to notice change the third week, though l was expecting a dramatic change my bother told me to be patient. So l used it patiently, on the fourth week the hair started to grow slowly and the hair stopped on the seventh week... i couldn't believe it and l waited for two weeks and saw no hair up to now ....There is only some few fair hairy left but they are normal for a man... surely your product is a miracle to me... l really thank you!!!!
T.M. Lagos. 23.5.2015

It does exactly what you say

hair free customer reviewsHairfree customer reviewsI used this hair remover cream, proposes a treatment of 4-5 weeks for once a week to get a skin without hair which worked after a few tries. I had no trouble on my sensitive skin using it always on the face area from the ear to the chin where I have much fine hair. It does exactly what you say! I am very happy to say that my hair problem is on the way out!
T.K. Milan. 11.3.2015

HairFree update

hair free customer reviewsHairfree customer reviewsWe have received the shipment today and appreciate your excellent services too... the first order worked very well... now i need to use it on my legs and I'm hoping for the same result.
G.Y. Auckland. 23.6.2015

After three weeks the results are really good

hair free customer reviewsHairfree customer reviewshi, ive been using this cream on my nether regions. After 3 weeks of use the results are really good as the unwanted hair has gone and I can’t see any new hairs growing back. My question is if i used this on my my face where a beard and moustache grows, would it mean I would never have to shave again ?
S. M. Cyprus 10.11.2015