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A great source of information on all aspects of hair removal. Read news, reviews and tips about unwanted hair, hair removal and skin care for men and women.

  1. remove back hair

    How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair on Your Back with HairFree

    Check out this new back hair removal option for men  While body hair on men is considered appealing in some areas and moderate amounts, too much of it in the wrong places is the exact opposite. Many men find that, especially as they age, the development of hair on their back takes a toll on…

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  2. get rid of back hair

    A guide to hair removal for men

    Things are changing in the fashion world for men. Summer wardrobes mean that more of the body gets shown. This is all very well for those men who don’t mind being hairy, but those with unwanted body hair can find this a pressure. How to stay fashionable and not to have to keep pulling out…

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