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A great source of information on all aspects of hair removal. Read news, reviews and tips about unwanted hair, hair removal and skin care for men and women.

  1. HairFree-hair-remova-IPL-method.

    Five well known hair removal products reviewed – plus one not so well-known

    I am a veteran user of hair removal products but there is one out there that beats the lot! I had tried all the best hair removal products available in the market for hair removal for women but there is one that makes the competition redundant! Scroll down to the end to read about amazing HairFree…

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  2. Metrosexual men now demand smooth hair-free skin just like their female counterparts

     Many grooming habits that were previously only acceptable for women have become perfectly normal for men thanks to the metrosexual movement.  here are some do’s and don’t to help you along. Many men no longer feel weird about getting a facial or using multiple hair products, but now there’s a new area of grooming to…

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