Female hair removal

Results vary depending on hair thickness and density. Refer to the Growth Reduction Chart on the Home page for guidance.

HairFree No.1 can solve your unwanted hair problems wherever they occur. Whether it’s unsightly facial hair that is spoiling your looks, or you want to go totally ‘bare down there’, HairFree is the new, proven alternative option that’s safe to use – everywhere on the body.

facial hair removalFACIAL & UPPER LIP HAIR
Use HairFree for long-term hair removal results for all types of facial hair. Mustache hair which has grown stronger and thicker through years of shaving can be eliminated as well as soft downy “peach-fuzz” hair. Safer and just as effective as ipl hair removal.


pubic hair removalBRAZILIAN/BIKINI HAIR
HairFree can be used safely for pubic hair removal as long as it does not come into contact with sensitive membrane areas. Just as effective as laser hair removal and without prickly regrowth. HairFree leaves you touchably smooth.


how to get rid of leg hairLEGS & THIGHS
Avoid stubbly hair on your legs and razor nicks, when you use new HairFree.  No need to pay for expensive electrolysis hair removal or short term hair removal products. HairFree will remove leg hair and stop further growth, without the cost and pain of ipl hair removal.


how do I get rid of nipple hair?NIPPLE HAIR REMOVAL
Hair removal from the nipples is one of the most difficult areas to treat. Razors are dangerous and plucking is painful. HairFree is a  safe and effective option for hair removal around the nipples.


how do i get rid of underarm hair?UNDERARM HAIR REMOVAL
HairFree avoids continual removal of underarm hair which is one of the most tedious jobs of the beauty regime. To remove underarm hair which grows faster and thicker than facial and leg hair, use 4 – 5 applications of HairFree to achieve smooth  and hair-free underarms.


how can i get rid of the hair on my arms?FOREARM HAIR REMOVAL
You no longer have to live with dark profuse hair growth on the forearm. This was previously treated by laser hair removal. Now HairFree No.1  can be used for removing dark forearm hair and preventing long-term regrowth.


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