When the hair starts growing under the skin, you have reason to believe that you are getting ingrown hair. An ingrown hair is hair that curls back into the skin rather than growing out of the skin’s surface. This is common among people who have curly or thick hair. Ingrown hair is medically known as ‘Pseudofolliculitis Barbae.’

Ingrown hair usually occurs in areas that are commonly shaved or experience a lot of friction. The most common areas include beard, legs, underarms, pubic area, and chest.

You will know you have ingrown hair when you feel your skin itching or have irritation around the hair. You will also see rashes or razor burns around that area. After there is a significant growth of hair under the skin, you will notice a slight bump on the skin that begins to look much like a pimple. This bump will often have a reddish tint and becomes extremely irritated and sensitive.

What Causes Hair To Grow Under The Skin?

Anything that does not allow the hair to grow normally can cause hair to grow under the skin. Usually, it is one of the following reasons:

1# Improper Hair Removal

The most common cause of ingrown hair is the wrong shaving technique or just shaving in general. Shaving the hair very close to the skin causes a sharp tip on the end of each hair. Most of the time, the hair will grow back without any problem. Although in some cases, the hair can curl back and grow into the skin. This results in your body treating that piece of hair as an intruder, causing inflammation or bumps, which is also a typical symptom of ingrown hair.

Apart from hair reducing cream, every other hair removal method causes ingrown hair at some point.

2# Clogged Follicles

Clogged hair follicles can cause ingrown hair. This usually happens because of dead skin or dirt and debris. If this happens, the hair gets stuck in the follicle, causing it to grow sideways into the skin. In some cases, the hair can be seen growing under the skin, making it easy to detect before any inflammation or uncomfortable cysts.

3# Friction

If you wear tight clothing for extended periods of time, your skin is prone to friction. This friction causes the hair to grow under your skin. When your hair repeatedly rubs against your skin because of constant body movement, the hair turns around and gets pushed into the hair follicle.

How To Treat Ingrown Hair At Home

With these few tips, you can get rid of the ingrown hair as quickly as it appears.

1# Warm Washcloth Or Soft Toothbrush

Ingrown hair can be gently taken out of the hair follicle with the help of a washcloth or a toothbrush. Simply take your warm washcloth and apply it to the ingrown hair to relax the pores. Then just rub the cloth in a circular motion to uncurl the hair in the follicle. This works on ingrown hair that is still in the early stages.

If this does not work, repeat the circular motion on that area with a toothbrush instead of a washcloth.

2# Avoid Irritating The Ingrown Hair

The first thing you need to do when you discover ingrown hair is avoiding things that may irritate it. You will need to stop shaving, waxing, or plucking in that area. You should also avoid scratching it and wear loose clothing to avoid friction. These practices may just get rid of the ingrown hair itself. When the hair grows to 10 millimeters in length, it will come out of the follicle itself. Then you can just pluck it out with the help of a tweezer. Don’t forget to clean the area to avoid any infection.

With the help of hair reduction lotion, you can avoid ingrown hair caused by shaving or waxing. So visit Hair Free’s website now and experience hair removal creams yourself.