If you’re seriously considering get rid of facial hair, you are not the first man to think about it, and certainly not the last. Constant shaving and the consequences that come with it have many men considering getting rid of facial hair once and for all. Shaving becomes a struggle when you have to shave the same area for years, and still go through multiple cuts, rashes and in-grown hair. This has led to men opting for ways to get rid of their facial hair and live carefree.

For permanent hair removal solutions, men opt for laser hair removal or electrolysis treatments. The procedures are painful and not instant, but give a very clean result. However, there are downsides of both these procedures. In the process of laser hair removal treatment, the laser damages the hair root, stopping hair growth. However, the laser also damages the surrounding tissue of the hair root, leaving behind scars, rashes and skin burns. This may leave a painful sensation that could last for up to a few days. Even after being completely done with laser hair removal, which itself takes about 2 to 3 months at least for a full and complete procedure, you have to also conduct annual sessions to keep the maintenance up.

Simultaneously, electrolysis is a permanent hair removal solution, which damages the hair root permanently and leaves your skin flawless and hair-free. However, electrolysis is an extremely painful procedure, and it takes a long time to get a full procedure done. Those who are willing to endure the pain, opt for electrolysis. However, electrolysis and laser hair removal are expensive treatments. They can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to multiple thousand dollars. This is why everyone cannot afford the treatment, and a lot of people, despite its short-term solution, opt to go for hair removal creams.

What if Hair Removal Creams Were Permanent?

The question often arises, what if hair removal creams were permanent? That would be a perfect solution. Hair removal creams are harmless, painless and easy to apply. The cost is also significantly low compared to laser hair removal treatments and electrolysis procedures. However, hair removal creams only kill the hair that is above the surface. The remaining hair below the surface of the skin, which is attached to the matrix bulb, root and follicle remains alive and well. This is why hair removal creams aren’t permanent, and the hair eventually grows back. But Hairfree works very differently. For permanent beard removal, Hairfree is the best fix you can go for.

Unlike other hair removal creams, Hairfree works on the hair below the surface. It has an engineered active compound called the GSF2:0 which starves the hair root of the vital nutrients it requires to regrow hair. This replicates the condition of male pattern baldness in the hair matrix bulb, causing the hair root to shrink and eventually die.

In laser hair removal treatments, the hair root is damaged. But as long as it is not maintained on routine times, the hair always grows back due to the hair root gaining strength again, though it is longer-lasting than a hair removal cream. However, Hairfree shrinks the root which causes it to die eventually. When the root is starved of the vital nutrients, this causes the hair root to shrink. This doesn’t happen instantly but as Hairfree recommends, application once a week for 30 days will show massive results. Before Hairfree, it was virtually impossible for a cream to have such a long-lasting and permanent solution to facial hair removal for men. However, Hairfree and its development of the active compound GSF2:0 has been a revolutionary discovery in the field of hair removal.

Men who have been actively looking forward to getting a permanent solution for facial hair removal, and those who haven’t opted for laser hair removal or electrolysis primarily because of the price tag, can choose Hairfree. The best part about Hairfree is that it is painless, does not leave scars or burns on your face or on your wallet, and it is permanent. For about 1/20th of the price, you can go for a hair-free solution that lasts permanently.