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Zwisher Auto-Depilator

ZWISHER removes hair, exfoliates the skin, smooths out wrinkles and cleans up as it goes.
And best of all, it’s TOTALLY painless!

Once you have tried this product I swear you will never use anything else. The product glides over the skin taking of hair and cream in one go. It’s painless and quick to use. My skin was definitely smoother
G. Singleton, Texas.

ZWISHER is set to revolutionise hair removal. This messy job has now been made easier thanks to a revolutionary patented design that removes hair, exfoliates the skin and smooths out wrinkles – all in one!

ZWISHER collects hair and cream into a reservoir which can flushed out under a tap after use. No more tissues and no more scrapers! Wipe on Hairfree cream as usual, and then use ZWISHER to scrape off the hair.

The ergonomically shaped head is designed to easily reach those valleys and crevices on your face, underarms and bikini. The micro-ridge contact surface ensures smooth depilation.

As you drag the ZWISHER over your skin cream and hair fall off into the reservoir. Continue until job done. Rinse skin with cold water immediately after. The micro-ridge blade is designed to remove hair and exfoliate the skin as you scrape.

This action also helps smooth out wrinkles, especially the fine lines around your mouth. When you’ve finished release the two halves and flush out the cream, hair, dead skin cells, oil, grease, under a tap. Hey presto – job done!

Eco-friendly ZWISHER® is made from recycled anti-bacterial bio-plastic and is free of toxic ingredients that could irritate your skin.

ZWISHER - Fast, Clean, Efficient Hair Removal