Male Full Body Hair Removal Pack

Give yourself a complete head to toe makeover by permanently ridding yourself of ALL unwanted hair. This is the complete answer for men who have a serious problem with excessive body hair and are looking for a solution that will last for years. Destroys tough androgen-driven hair from multiple body areas.

This pack contains:
4 tubes of Male Body Hair Remover
2 tubes of Male Beard Hair Remover
2 tubes of Intimate Hair Remover

Suitable for men

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75ml / 2.5 Fl oz.

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  • The shipment will be delivered today.  Again, thank you.  I ‘have’ continued to occasionally place a post on Twitter BECAUSE I am totally satisfied with the product.

    John S - 05/01/2018
  • When I started building my body I wanted to find a hair remover that worked. This product worked well on the chest and makes it smooth for about 5 days before starting to grow back. But as I used it more and more the hairs got thinner to the point where they disappeared! Goal! It doesn't smell bad but it's not cheap.

    B. Prior - 06/04/2018
  • I have dark hair that is difficult to get rid of with other depilatory creams but I found that this product melted the hair without any difficulty. Hair growth eventually reduced by (my guess) 90% and has stayed that way. So all I stand by my review!

    David - 22/12/2017
  • I have thick brown/dark brown hair and just started use of this product on my back. It works really well. I have 6 bottles now and am wondering how much more I will need to order later on to treat legs, after treating my private areas, back, and chest/ belly. Is 6 bottles enough to treat these areas with my hair type, or would i need more? Also, how many bottles would I need to get to treat my legs once ive completed the other areas? I look forward to your reply. Thanks for such a great product! :)

    Charles B - 01/11/2017
  • i was amazed by the wonders that your product did to me, even up to now i cant believe it. I just  think that the hair will grow back but l have to testify. The hair has never  grown back after l used this products for two months. I just followed the instruction and l was a bit patient, as the say patients pays. it really paid me, even my wife is very happy, she can even lick my tummy now lol... I just want to say thumbs up for your product. i am  looking forward to order other tubes though it is expensive

    Chircu Raluca - 14/10/2017
  • Hi, I've been using the cream now since mid November, under arms and lower neck is showing great results,  but very frustratingly the rest of the facial hair is taking longer. Is/can this be normal or I'm I just being very impatient. Best wishes gary…

    Clough G - 13/07/2017
  • I have received the Full Body Pack six weeks ago and have used it as your instructs told me to and I am reporting back to you that this product is like a dream come true. I have saved thousands of dollars as I was about to start a course of laser sessions at my local beauty salon. It just goes to show that it pays to shop around!

    R. Klein - 21/07/2017

This pack is the ultimate solution for men who have finally committed to solving their unwanted hair problems for future years to come.

If you are a man who suffers from excessive body hair in key areas of the body such as chest, back, neck, legs, arms and underarms this pack will help solve your unwanted hair problems.

The Male Full Body Hair Removal Pack also contains the powerful Male Beard Hair Remover designed to treat the toughest of male facial hair.

For pubic hair hair removal Hairfree Intimate Hair Remover will safely and gently get you smooth-as-silk down there with 30 days of weekly applications.  Intimate Hair Remover gets rid of male pubic hair and stops the regrowth of hard stubble that you experience when you shave this area.

Hairfree utilises safe and proven hair root bio-engineering to treat hair roots. The active ingredients work beneath the skin to neutralise the growing activity of the hair root matrix bulg – the place where hair growth is initiated. Now you can achieve long-term hair growth reduction the same as laser hair removal.