Get total elimination of male body hair from head to toe. Designed for all transgender people who want to achieve permanent hair removal and get smooth, silky-soft feminine skin. Here is everything you need to effect a smooth transition to the new ‘you’.

This pack contains:
6 tubes of Male Body Hair Remover
3 tubes of Male Beard Hair Remover
3 tubes of Intimate Hair Remover

Suitable for men and unisex

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75ml / 2.5 Fl oz.

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  • Full Body Trans Pack HairFree Hair Remover

    Update, I must say that this product is excellent now mind you I am still using the product. I have learned a secret but assist in utilizing this product. when you get to your last few hairs while you have the cream on gently suck on them with a pair of tweezers this will allow the cream to go deeper into the hair shaft as the hair follicle goes up and down. With this method follicles die in one to two times. this is a blessed product and I hope they stay in business forever.

    Marina K - 21/02/2018
  • Full Body Trans Pack HairFree Hair Remover

    It took me years to find some of these tips and I want to pass them on to you to make your lives a little easier. I bought a product over the internet last year called hairfree. It is a cream that stops hair from growing for up to 6 years. I figured it was most likely one of those tv scams. but it sounded so interesting that I went ahead and bought some. This is a little personal but I used it under my arms and on my bikini line. It takes about 6 or 7 applications, but the hair is no longer growing in those areas. The result - goodbye razor. If it is an area that you shave all the time, it takes a little longer because the hair is more course. Guys and girls can use it on their face, back, or basically anywhere. If you have a young girl just starting to shave her legs, it will eliminate the need for bi-weekly shaving. Hope you find this helpful and feel free to ask if you have questions. P.S. -I am not getting a commission and have nothing to personally gain by sharing this.

    B Vinyard - 06/01/2018
  • Full Body Trans Pack HairFree Hair Remover

    I just want to say I have used the product one time and I already see a major reduction I am shocked. I left it on for 10 minutes and I didn't burn my skin looks a little red but that faded by the next day but I definitely see a major reduction its not even the third it's maybe more than that and my skin feels so smooth - now I’m just overjoyed!

    Johnson P - 22/10/2017

This pack is designed for trans individuals who want to achieve long-term hair removal and develop smooth, stubble-free, feminine skin.

Thick, androgen driven hair, such as facial hair, and that includes “five o’clock shadow”, is one of the “give-away” signs of masculinity and has been difficult to disguise using conventional hair removal techniques.

Hairfree deals with this problem more effectively by neutralizing the hair root deep below the skin’s surface helping to avoid the “tell-tale” signs of masculine hair growth, eliminating the risk of stubble and giving your skin a smooth, feminine “look”.

Apply Male Body Hair Remover once every week for 30 days or until hair growth has stopped.

Apply Intimate Hair Remover once a week to get rid of pubic hair and prevent regrowth.

Intimate Hair Remover is formulated to gently treat pubic hair roots without irritation to sensitive areas. It contains breakthrough active compound Growth Shield Factor 2:0.

Male facial hair that has been toughened up by years of regular shaving requires a modified formulation to breakdown the protein structure of the hair than regular strength Hairfree.

Male Beard Hair Remover addresses this problem by incorporating an advanced protein formulation specially designed attack tough androgen-driven male beard hair.

Uses safe and proven hair root bio-engineering to treat hair roots. Reduces regular shaving, waxing and salon visits.

Get professional quality hair removal in the privacy of your own home. Now you can achieve long-term hair growth reduction just like laser hair removal. Hairfree works in harmony with your hair growth cycle to neutralise hair roots and prevent regrowth.