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Body Hair Removal Pack

See the long-term hair removal effects of Hairfree with this Body hair removal pack for men and women.

This pack contains:
2 tubes of Hairfree Hair Remover
1 tube of Growth Inhibitor Gel

Suitable for women

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75ml / 2.5 Fl oz.

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permanent hair removal

2 x Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor

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permanent hair removal

1 x Hair Growth Inhibitor Gel

In stock
  • Well, I just wanted to let you know that l have used the Hair Free cream in the last 4 weeks as advised and have seen improvements and will continue to use it until all the hairs are gone.This week will be the 5th week of using the hairfree cream. I hope and believe that it will totally eliminate the hairs maybe after 2 more weeks time.I believe in hairfree cream and I can say that it's the best l've ever tried. It works perfectly well within less time.

    Julie - 18/11/2016
  • To tell you the truth, after using this product I noticed an amazing difference. I am one of those women who used to shave my legs and bikini line absolutely every single day. It has now been nine months since the last time I shaved. I followed all the recommendations. I am so happy and so glad, because I have smooth skin everywhere! I have no regrets choosing hair free over the hair laser removal option. At least I know this has worked just as well and has saved me lots of money. Thank you.

    J Anderson - 06/02/2017
  • I thought i would try this to see if it actually works. It’s expensive because I ended up needing three bottles but it does work. The hair thins out at first and then you notice it grows back much thinner until in the end the hair does stop growing. I’d say it’s a must have for every woman!

    R. Rugman - 26/03/2016
  • It took me years to find some of these tips and I want to pass them on to you to make your lives a little easier. I bought a product over the internet last year called hairfree. It is a cream that stops hair from growing for up to 6 years. I figured it was most likely one of those tv scams. but it sounded so interesting that I went ahead and bought some. This is a little personal but I used it under my arms and on my bikini line. It takes about 6 or 7 applications, but the hair is no longer growing in those areas. The result - goodbye razor. If it is an area that you shave all the time, it takes a little longer because the hair is more course. Guys and girls can use it on their face, back, or basically anywhere. If you have a young girl just starting to shave her legs, it will eliminate the need for bi-weekly shaving. Hope you find this helpful and feel free to ask if you have questions. P.S. -I am not getting a commission and have nothing to personally gain by sharing this.

    B Vinyard - 06/01/2017

This pack is formulated for women who want to eliminate hair growth from two or three areas such as face, legs, underarms, etc.

Apply Hairfree once every week for 4 – 6 weeks or until hair growth has slowed down and ceased.

Apply Hair Growth Inhibitor Gel two times every day, day morning and night. Continue to use on a daily basis to reduce growth of new hair.

Hair Growth Inhibitor Gel intensifies

the hair reduction effects of Hairfree. It contains breakthrough active compound Growth Shield Factor 2:0.

Incorporates tested and proven hair root bio-engineering to treat hair roots. Reduces regular shaving, waxing and salon visits.

Get salon-quality hair removal in the privacy of your own home. Now you can achieve long-term hair reduction just like laser hair removal. Hairfree works naturally in conjunction with your hair growth cycle to neutralise hair roots and prevent regrowth.

How much Hairfree to use?

Check the chart below to estimate how much Hairfree you need to use. Remember, you may need to continue treatment for 4 – 6 weeks to achieve good results. Men or women with thick, dark may need to use more cream than those thin hair.

WOMEN Coverage Chart
  • Lady moustache Half tube
  • Facial hair 1 tube
  • Sideburns 1 tube
  • Arms 2 tubes
  • Underarms 1 – 2 tubes
  • Bikini line 2 – 3 tubes
  • Nipples Half tube
  • Legs 2 tubes
  • Thighs 1 tube
MEN Coverage Chart
  • Facial hair 4 tubes
  • Chest 2 – 3 tubes
  • Back 3 – 4 tubes
  • Neck 1 tube
  • Underarms 1 tube
  • Private parts 3 tubes
  • Arms 1 – 2 tubes
  • Legs 2 tubes
  • Thighs 2 tubes