How a transgender dermatologist came to recommend Hairfree

transgender hair removal

If you’re a transgender person looking for help regarding hair removal you might be interested to hear the views of a transgender dermatologist who has seen good results from users of Hairfree.

Victoria Regan is a writer and blogger for websites and magazines specialising in health regulations, beauty, skin care and medicines.

Getting rid of unwanted hair is one of the biggest challenges facing transgender people. Most in the transgender community have tried every method going.  They’ve spent more time than most women smearing on depilatory creams, getting waxed at the beauty salon, shaving, and, of course laser hair removal.  There are problems with all four methods and it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you.

Depilatory creams are messy and the hair grows back pretty fast.  However, they are not expensive if you don’t mind repeating the process every couple of weeks. Waxing is no picnic, either, as every trans person who’s tried it knows: It hurts, it’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and, if all of that weren’t enough, you have to wait until you have significant regrowth before waxing again. If you have pale skin and very dark hair, this is none too pretty. And then there’s shaving, a simple solution that hasn’t changed much since our grandmothers’ time, although marketers at razor companies are forever trying to convince us otherwise. Laser hair removal is a good option but costs money and takes time.

The problem of hair removal for transgender people is that we all have coarse hair and that shaving only keeps our legs smooth for a day, at best—there’s 5 o’clock shadow for to deal with, unfortunately. The day after shaving, your legs are as scratchy as Brillo, and if you try to shave them again before the hair has grown out a little, you’ll get an angry red rash!

After testing various tools, creams, waxes and home laser devices non provide the perfect solution.  All have their pros and cons.  But this is where I would like to mention HairFree because this a new and unusual product which has proved popular in the transgender community.

A few months ago, I called a dermatologist colleague I have consulted many times in my job as beauty writer.  As a transgender professional I thought he would be better qualified than most to pass judgement on this product.

I asked him about Hairfree.  Had he heard about it?  Had he used it or recommended anybody to try it?

I was surprised when he told me that in the last 12 months three transgender clients had confessed to using it and had been cautiously pleased with the results.  He said that although he had not tried Hairfree for himself he had seen the evidence of its effects.

This ranged from a significant visual reduction of dark, strong leg hair in one client; to evidence of thinning of chest hair by about 75% in another client.

The product is formulated to remove hair and reduce the rate of hair regrowth by treating hair roots.   Last week another client brought in a tube of Hairfree to ask his professional opinion to check safety and efficacy, etc.  No problem there he admitted and he is now using the product himself.  Watch this space for an update.

How To Permanent Get Rid of Facial Hair with HairFree Hair Remover

For many women, unwanted facial hair can be the height of embarrassment. Dark hairs growing around the lips, jaw and chin can give the impression of a man’s beard, and be deeply unpleasant for ladies that seek a more glamorous appearance!

Fortunately, an answer has been found. HairFree Hair Remover is a revelation in the world of permanent facial hair removal, offering a simple solution to a problem that has plagued millions of women all over the world.

HairFree Hair Remover offers all of the results that IPL or laser treatment promise – without the cost and the many clinic visits! IPL and laser treatment can also have a number of unwanted side effects – the sessions can result in itching, swelling, burning, blistering, discoloration of the skin and even infection in serious cases. HairFree also works on those peachy ‘vellus’ hairs that are unaffected by IPL and laser hair removal treatments.

HairFree Hair Remover, one of the best facial hair removal products, is a simple cream which is applied to the skin regularly over the course of 6-8 weeks. Painless, budget-friendly and easy to fit into your existing beauty regime, the solution dissolves the very protein structure of the hair and penetrates right to the follicle, causing it to slowly shut down. After each application, the active ingredients in HairFree take up to seven days to neutralize the roots, in order to reduce further growth. Every time you use HairFree, you’ll observe less and less hair growing back, until your facial follicles have shut down entirely!

Forget painful waxing and plucking, which involves ripping unwanted hair out of its root. Say goodbye to chemical bleaching which can leave skin red and sore – and don’t even get us started on shaving, which leaves unpleasant, manly stubble! HairFree Hair Remover is the comprehensive answer to all of your facial hair removal woes!

For ladies wanting to combat their mustache, around half a tube of HairFree will be needed for the full 6-8 week course. For ladies who want to get rid of chin hair and sideburns too, a full tube is recommended, to ensure that there’s enough product to ensure those pesky hairs are gone for good.

Ladies – showcase your beautiful facial features without fear or stubble or stray hairs! HairFree Hair Removal Cream offers permanent removal of facial hair and helps you get to the root of the problem – pun intended! – and allows you to work and play with total confidence.

Permanent hair removal cream

Which Permanent Hair Removal Cream is used by 9 out of 10 strippers and erotic dancers?


Rebecca Francis is a writer and blogger on health & beauty matters with a special interest in skin care and hair removal techniques for men and women

Rebecca Francis is a writer and blogger on health & beauty matters with a special interest in skin care and hair removal techniques for men and women

Many women want to be totally smooth and hair-free down there – that’s why Brazilian and Hollywood waxing has become so popular over the past few decades! But for strippers and erotic dancers, it’s even more important to ensure that there are no stray or ingrown hairs – it has an effect on their earnings as well as their confidence!

We visited six clubs in Las Vegas and spoke to the girls about which hair removal method was their preferred choice. We discovered that news about one brand in particular spread like wildfire and that brand has now become defect choice for girls in the industry.


“Shaving was my go-to hair removal option when I first started stripping. It was fast and easy – I could take a disposable razor in my bag for touch-ups between shows. But with regular shaving, I quickly developed a bikini shaving rash and bumps – not exactly ideal when you’re dancing multiple shows a day!”


“After shaving I switched to waxing. The bikini razor bumps quickly died out, and the waxing results did last for a long time – but I just couldn’t handle the pain! Ripping hairs out of the follicle around your most intimate parts is agony for many ladies, and I quickly moved away from waxing as a result…”

Laser hair removal

“I tried laser hair removal after I’d been stripping for a while and managed to save up the funds – these treatments aren’t cheap! I booked into a reputable provider for a bikini line hair removal session to test the results. Unfortunately, my hair wasn’t dark or thick enough (probably down to the waxing!) for the laser treatment to have full effect. After the eight-week course I hadn’t seen much improvement – and having white-hot light pulsed down my follicles into my bikini line wasn’t particularly pleasant, either!”

HairFree Hair Removal Cream

“At last! After shaving, waxing and trying out IPL treatment, I found HairFree Hair Permanent Removal Cream, and it saved my stripping career. The cream dissolves the proteins in each strand of hair and gets right down to the follicle to shut it down over the course of about 8 weeks – the same as my laser treatment, but far more effective! Pubic hair removal was suddenly a breeze, and I could also use the cream on my legs, my underarms and my face! It’s been a miracle product for me – no razor bumps, no expensive treatments and best of all, no hair, ever! Once you’ve completed the treatment, the hairs never come back, so now I can enjoy a pristine bikini line every night without worrying about touch-ups or stray hairs.”

Transgender hair removal essentials

Hair removal tips and tricks for transgender people, crossdressers and transsexuals

transgender hair removal
Transgender hair removal is an important part of the transition process and should be approached from a long-term point of view to avoiding having to repeat any treatments.
Nicola Espinosa is a writer focusing on health, family, relationship and sexual health matters.
Nicola Espinosa is a writer focusing on health, family, relationship and sexual health matters.

For many transgender women completing their mtf transition, androgen-fuelled terminal hair is one of their biggest concerns. While many hormone replacement therapies will work to decrease new hair growth, these methods are often not enough to get rid of thick beards, chest hair or leg hair. Here are some transgender hair removal tips and tricks for those that want to achieve the coveted hairless look.


Slow but effective, electrolysis is a process which permanently removes hair by applying a small jolt of electricity down the strand, which destroys the hair’s growth tissue and prevents it from growing back. The method is very effective when kept up over a period of years – but many trans women desire faster effects that will see them achieving the desired feminine appearance much faster. Electrolysis is also expensive and can be quite painful.

Laser hair removal

The trans community is divided on the subject of laser hair removal – some have wonderful experiences with the method, while some experience no results at all! The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the method for ‘hair reduction’ rather than full hair elimination, and it’s important for those seeking permanent transgender hair removal to bear in mind that laser hair removal has different results from person-to-person.


Of course, shaving is one of the quickest fixes out there, and it’s great for keeping leg hair and underarm hair in check. But when it comes to facial hair and pubic hair, most transgender women want to move away from the stubbly sensation that shaving can create. Shaving especially thick hairs like those found in male beards can also lead to shaving rashes and unpleasant bumps.

HairFree Hair Removal

Budget-friendly, painless, fast and effective, HairFree Hair Removal cream covers all bases effectively. The simple cream can be applied anywhere on the body and immediately gets to work dissolving the protein in the hairs found there, as well as putting the follicle to rest to ensure it can’t grow any more hairs in the future. One of the best drag queen hair removal options, HairFree doesn’t leave behind any stubble – in fact, hairs grow in lighter and sparser after the first treatment! The method is also much faster than electrolysis or laser hair removal – it takes around 8 weeks to complete a full course, and by that time many of the follicles will have been totally neutralized!

How Indian men can achieve permanent hair removal

How to achieve permanent hair removal for Indian men and men with dark skin

hair-removal-cream for men India
Hair removal for Indian men and men with dark skin can be successful when using HairFree

Men’s hair removal is now getting popular as more and more men are preferring smooth hair-free skin.  Men from India and men with dark skin face a slightly more difficult problem to remove hair because their hair is thicker and stronger.  However you can still successfully remove unwanted body hair from your face, chest, back and neck, in fact anywhere on the body even if your hair is strong and thick.

There are two basic methods for obtaining permanent hair removal:

1. IPL laser treatment

2. HairFree Permanent Hair Removal Cream

Laser treatment involves multiple visits to a salon and treatment is expensive.  To do your whole body would involve up to 15 visits.

The alternative, HairFree, is a DIY method which achieves the same end of neutralising hair roots to stop hair growth.

Using HairFree is quick and easy and it can be done at home on your own.  However, if you need permanent removal of back hair you will need the help of someone as it will be difficult to see what you are doing.

Say you want to remove chest hair.  You are fed up with your hairy chest and have decided to do something about it.  Or perhaps you need to remove neck hair.  Just follow these simple instructions:

1. Spread a thin layer of HairFree Hair Removal Cream on to the hair on your chest.

2. Wait for 4 – 5 minutes and then scrape off the cream with the supplied spatula.

3. The cream melts surface hair and then penetrates the skin to neutralise the hair roots to stop hair growth.

4. Rinse or wipe your skin with cold water to remove excess product.

5. Repeat this procedure every week for 4 – 6 weeks to achieve permanent hair removal.

HairFree Permanent Hair Removal Cream is formulated to react with dark skin shades.  Take a look at the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale below.  If your skin matches category 4, 5, 6 then HairFree will work for you but you will need six to eight weekly treatment instead of the usual four to six.  If your skin is in category 1, 2, 3 then HairFree will perform well within four to six treatments.

Check the shade of your skin on this scale. If you are category 1, 2, 3 then permanent hair removal can be completed within 4 – 6 weeks. If your skin is category 4, 5, 6 then you will need up to eight weekly treatments.

If you are looking for permanent hair removal for dark skin then HairFree can help you achieve your goals because the formulation is strong enough to deal with dark skin hair removal and Indian men’s hair removal.

Many times we have received letters from customers saying things like: i hate my hairy body, I hate my hairy back, I hate my hairy chest, I hate my hairy arms, I hate my hairy hands.  Every time HairFree has come to the rescue.  We have many customers who have been searching for permanent hair removal cream in India and many men looking for permanent hair removal for dark skin who have successfully used HairFree.

Five facial hair removal products to consider

Here are five facial hair removal methods to consider when deciding how best to deal with that upper lip hair

Now there’s an easier way to remove your lady moustache or upper lip hair with Hairfree
Rebecca Francis is a writer and blogger on health & beauty matters with a special interest in skin care and hair removal techniques for men and women

Rebecca Francis is a writer and blogger on health & beauty matters with a special interest in skin care and hair removal techniques for men and women

While hair on the upper lip is a sign of coming of age and masculinity for men, it’s far less appealing for women. Women find the presence of moustache hairs to be embarrassing, and many who suffer from them are actually very ashamed. It’s a common enough occurrence and nothing to be ashamed of, but most women still want these hairs removed in order to avoid criticism or simply to look more appealing to themselves. Here are five methods for facial hair removal.


Waxes are some of the more favoured facial hair removal products for their extreme effectiveness. However, there are some major downsides to using wax to free your face from unwanted hair.

For one thing, it’s quite painful and can leave the skin red or swollen for hours—that’s nearly as bad (and certainly just as obvious) as the moustache itself. But the worst thing about waxing is the fact that you have to grow the hair back out to a certain length to wax it again. You can’t maintain a completely hairless lip with waxing.

Hair removal laser

Another option is a facial hair removal laser treatment. These offer the advantage of permanent removal, though the process must be repeated over the course of several weeks. However, this is also quite painful, and not just for your face. Your wallet will also be in pain if you sign up for this very expensive procedure.

Another issue with hair removal lasers is that they only work on light skinned persons with dark hair. If you have a light complexion with light hair, or dark skin at all, you’re out of luck.

HairFree hair remover

HairFree cream is a depilatory cream. Unlike most other such creams, it’s designed to be very gentle on sensitive skin. Unlike all other such creams, it offers some the same advantages of laser treatment: permanent removal of facial hair. But HairFree cream is relatively inexpensive, and it’s not painful. Another advantage to HairFree, compared to laser hair removal, is the fact that it can be used with equal effectiveness regardless of the user’s skin or hair color.

The downside is that it does take a few weeks to get fully hairless results. You’ll need to use it weekly for up to six weeks, typically. The cream damages the follicles and prevents future hair growth in that area, indefinitely.

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Which is the best pubic hair removal method for you?

If you’re looking for the best pubic hair removal method go for low pain, low cost

When deciding to do bikini line hair removal and male genital hair removal you need to carefully decide which method to use.
Victoria Regan is a writer and blogger for websites and magazines specialising in health regulations, beauty, skin care and medicines.
Victoria Regan is a writer and blogger for websites and magazines specialising in health regulations, beauty, skin care and medicines.

More and more men and women are preferring to go ‘bare down there’. When deciding to do bikini line hair removal and male genital hair removal you need to carefully decide which method to use, i.e. which method best suits your needs and your budget.

HairFree offers a number advantages over other hair removal methods, the main one being that it removes hair for a longer period, i.e. up to two years. Also hair grows back thinner and softer and you don’t get those horrible prickly stubble regrowths.

But let’s look at all the available options, give you the facts, and let you decide which is the best pubic hair removal method for you.

Most people want their pubic hair to be contained to an area somewhat smaller than the bikini area, and many of us want none of the stuff at all. But pubic hair removal can be a hair raising adventure. It seems like every method of removal is more dangerous or uncomfortable than the last. That is, until you find out about HairFree, a permanent hair removal cream.
Shaving is usually the first attempt at bikini line hair removal, and it almost always ends poorly. Not only is it simply difficult to shave that area to begin with, but it leaves behind bumps that are just as unsightly as the hair that you’ve removed. Then, you’re plagued by itching as the hair regrows, and you have to start all over again.
Laser treatments
When it comes to bikini area hair removal effectiveness, most people who have tried it review it favourably. When it comes to pain and cost, however, the reviews are a lot more critical.
A Brazilian bikini laser hair removal procedure can end up costing thousands of dollars, and it’s difficult to determine the cost ahead of time because it requires multiple sessions. At around $400 per session, that adds up quickly, and you have to keep going back repeatedly as the hair regrows. Most people think that laser hair removal bikini costs just aren’t worth it, and certainly not when the painfulness of the procedure is factored in.
Oh, and if you have a dark complexion or blonde pubic hair, laser hair removal won’t work on you at all!
Cheaper than laser treatments, and less itchy than shaving, waxing seems like it would be a great option. But there are some hidden issues that people don’t realize. The first is that hair must be a minimum length to be waxed, which means you have to grow it out between waxes. Then, there’s the fact that it hurts!
HairFree hair remover
If you’re looking for low pain and low cost HairFree hair remover is the best pubic hair removal option out there. Here’s why. First, it’s a gentle depilatory that is painless and harmless, even on sensitive skin. Second, by using it weekly for a month to a month and a half, you’ll find that your pubic hair doesn’t regrow at all. That’s right, not only is it painless and thorough, it’s also permanent. And it costs far, far less than laser treatments.
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HairFree Hair Follicle Cream

How To Permanently Get Rid of Bikini Hair with HairFree Hair Follicle Cream

hairfree hair follicle cream
HairFree Hair Follicle Cream is a revelation in the world of bikini area hair removal.
Rebecca Francis is a writer and blogger on health & beauty matters with a special interest in skin care and hair removal techniques for men and women

Rebecca Francis is a writer and blogger on health & beauty matters with a special interest in skin care and hair removal techniques for men and women

Every year, bikini season rolls around and many ladies retreat into their shorts, kimonos, tankinis and other cover-up solutions, so as not to expose their bikini line. Why? Because excess hair growth is causing them embarrassment!

It doesn’t have to be this way – now there’s a permanent bikini line hair removal solution that works just as well as laser hair removal, without the pain, the expensive bills and the long clinic visits. Step forward, HairFree Hair Remover!

HairFree Hair Remover is a revelation in the world of bikini area hair removal. Whereas waxing can be incredibly painful and IPL or laser treatment can be very expensive, HairFree treads the middle ground perfectly, offering a proven, permanent treatment that is painless and budget-friendly.

Using HairFree Hair Follicle Cream is really simple. The cream solution is applied to unwanted hair around the bikini line. The cream then gets to work dissolving the very protein structure of the hair, as well as getting right to the follicle to starve the root of nutrients and cause it to slowly shut down. No more ripping hair out of their roots or sending white-hot pulses of light down the hair shaft – this pioneering cream makes hairless bikini lines painless and simple!

The solution is also permanent when the correct treatment plan is followed. For ladies, it’s anticipated that 2-3 tubes of the solution will be needed to treat the bikini line area for a maximum of six weeks. With regular application, hair density and growth rate will significantly decrease, until finally there are no hairs in the region at all! Ladies can show off their bikini bodies in style without worrying about stray hairs.

HairFree also manages to nix one of the biggest problems with pubic hair removal for women. Many ladies that trim or shave their bikini line note that it’s incredibly itchy when it grows back. HairFree causes the hairs to grow back finer and lighter, which doesn’t cause any itching whatsoever! Ingrown pubic hairs can also be a problem for those who regularly shave – but HairFree takes care of these too, neutralizing them in the same way it neutralizes hairs above the skin.

Girls – don’t let your pubic hair become public hair! HairFree Hair Removal cream gets right to the root of the problem – literally – and allows you to flaunt your bikini body without fear in the future.

Permanent Hair Removal Without Pain !

For permanent hair removal without pain the only alternative is HairFree hair remover – works like laser hair removal – in a tube.


There’s only one really effective option if you want to remove body hair without suffering any kind of pain. That’s using a permanent

Rita Kwai is a writer focusing on health regulatory subjects, beauty, skin care and health products.

Rita Kwai is a writer focusing on health regulatory subjects, beauty, skin care and health products.

hair removal cream that actually does what it professes to do.

Permanent? Yes, that’s true.

Read on to find out more about Hair Free Cream.

The Tortured History of Permanent Hair Removal

Throughout the centuries there have been numerous ways to remove body hair, some of which have been quite painful as you might expect. The Egyptians used tweezers made from seashells and were one of the first to try bee’s wax as a way of epilating. The Romans liked to rub their body with stones and kind of sand off the hair while Queen Elizabeth in the 16th century used to soak bandages in ammonia to remove the hair from her forehead (as fashion trends go that has got to be the most bizarre).

permanent-hair-removal-secretsIt wasn’t until the 18th century that the first razor was developed and we to wait until the first depilatory cream, Poudre Subtile, came out in 1844. Most of the methods used hair removal were either uncomfortable, dangerous or just downright painful. An easy, painless way to stop hair growth has had to wait until the second decade of this century.

Permanent hair removal is something that often puts people off, whether they are male or female. It’s not the end result, it’s simply the notion of what you have to go through. Not to mention the fact that current painful solutions often come at a premium price. It can be painful at the time but can also damage the skin and cause severe irritations that takes days and even weeks to subside. There’s no wonder that people have been crying out for a pain free permanent hair removal cream.

How Can Permanent Hair Removal be Pain Free?

Hair Free Cream is a carefully patented permanent hair removal method that not only dissolves the hair but also gets deep down into the follicle and disrupts its normal function. That means the hair does not grow back as strong and over repeated treatments actually stops growing altogether, leaving your skin smooth as silk. The key to helping stop hair growth permanently is in the special ingredients of this new hair follicle cream that has shown to reduce growth substantially the more it is used.

There’s no need any longer to go to a salon and spend large amounts of money getting electrolysis or IPL without a full guarantee that these treatments will work. A permanent hair removal cream is the kind of product that all women and many men have been silently praying for.

Hair Free Cream works on all hair types and thicknesses and can be used effectively anywhere that you have unwanted growth, including the face. Because it is pain free, easy to apply and much cheaper than more medicalized treatments, it is fast becoming the best hair removal method on the planet. Cleared by the FDA and perfectly safe for all skin types to use, customers are beginning to find outstanding results in just a few short months.

For those who have long yearned for a way to permanently stop hair growth, it is the perfect solution. At last, hair removal has come into the 21st century and there is now a cheap and easy way to get a smooth body without the pain.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair on Your Back with HairFree

Check out this new back hair removal option for men 

Brian Alderson is a writer and blogger on fitness and health and skin care matters for men.

Brian Alderson is a writer and blogger on fitness and health and skin care matters for men.

While body hair on men is considered appealing in some areas and moderate amounts, too much of it in the wrong places is the exact opposite. Many men find that, especially as they age, the development of hair on their back takes a toll on their overall attractiveness. But most of the usual options for hair removal aren’t very convenient for the back, or they’re expensive, or they’re painful—or any combination of the above. Back hair laser removal works, but it’s both painful and extremely expensive—think thousands of dollars. Now, however, there’s HairFree hair remover, which is hands down the best back hair removal option available for men with back hair.


HairFree hair remover is an easy to use cream that provides permanent back hair removal after it’s been used regularly for a few weeks. It’s safe for sensitive skin, and extremely effective as a method to remove back hair. Your first application will completely remove the hair from your back. In about a week, you’ll notice some regrowth and repeat the procedure, removing back hair again. You’ll continue this process, noticing less and less back hair is regrowing, until there’s no regrowth at all. It’s the permanent nature of HairFree’s hair removal that makes it the best mens back hair removal option available.


The application process is extremely simple and straightforward. The cream must be smoothed over the affected areas. It’s a good idea to do this in sections, because the cream doesn’t have to stay on very long. Once applied, the cream should remain on the hair and skin for four to five minutes. You’ll need a partner or friend to help apply the cream and remove it. The cream can be easily removed with an included plastic scraper “blade.”

Once you’ve removed the cream, rinse the area with cold water. Simply repeat until all affected areas of the back are bare. You’ll do this weekly for the next four to six week period, and you’ll soon start to notice less and less regrowth. The areas that aren’t regrowing will remain bare indefinitely! Once you notice no regrowth at all, you’re done!

HairFree hair remover is simple. It doesn’t hurt. It’s far less costly than most other methods of hair removal. And best of all, it’s permanent! There’s just not a better way to ensure permanent back hair removal for men.


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