The presence of hair on different parts of the body is always quite irritating. It is one of the few things disliked by almost everyone, whether male or female. It also makes you feel unclean and untidy. To top it off it makes you conscious about your appearance as well and affects the way you act with other people. Hence, it is always a problem. Therefore, whenever the question is asked about whether or not the presence of extra hair is bothering you, the answer always seems to be yes!

Well, no need to worry any more. With the inception of Hairfree, the latest instant hair removal cream, you don’t need to ever worry again about that extra hair bugging you or bothering you. This instant hair removal cream is almost like having a laser hair removal treatment present with you in a tube. Moreover, it eliminates your time as well as cuts down your unnecessary expenses.

Unlike other instant hair removal creams, which only focus on eliminating the surface hair, Hairfree focuses on dissolving and removing the hair that is present above as well as below the skin.

Hairfree is an extremely easy to use instant hair removal cream for males as well as females. It’s a simple wipe on wipe off formula that stops the hair from growing further from its roots. Hence, providing you with results similar to those you could achieve via laser hair removal however through a completely different route and process.

Hairfree works on shrinking the root of the hair, slowly and gradually unlike laser hair removal. This pattern is similar to that of male baldness due to which it does now allow the hair to re grow. It dissolves the hair that is present above and below the skin, thereby depriving the root from the essential nutrients it requires in order to grow. It acts on the skin in a gentle manner and does not even damage any of the surrounding nearby tissues.

How so is this possible you ask? Well, Hairfree possesses a groundbreaking ingredient which was previously not found in any other instant hair removal cream before. This is the GSF2:0 active compound, which leaves you with smooth and hairless facial skin!

This compound is what recreates a condition that is similar to that behind the occurrence of male baldness. It therefore positively affects the hair follicle, subsequently reducing its growth and eventually diminishing and eliminating hair growth. It is becoming highly efficient in changing the beauty regime of millions of men and women globally.

Besides the breakthrough ingredient, the instant hair removal cream also consists of several other ingredients. These ingredients are derived naturally and animal testing is not carried out either.

  1. No Paraben Preservatives: Hairfree products do not comprise of such preservatives. Several other instant hair removal creams have been found using such parabens which are labeled as carcinogenic.
  2. Halal Products: Hairfree products also use products that are halal and allowed. They stay away from the use of alcohol and other prohibited items.
  3. No Synthetic Colors: Synthetic colors are not used in Hairfree products. These artificially created colors are harsh and known to cause cancer.
  4. 100% Vegan and Vegetarian: Hairfree products are entirely vegan and vegetarian and there is no doubt about it. Neither do they contain any animal ingredient nor any other parts. There is no use of gelatin or any other animal fat or by-product.

Hence, the use of such ingredients and the lack of any harmful substance makes this one of the most sought out choices in the instant hair removal cream category.

You are however probably wondering that how is this possible? How can this be so apt? There must be side effects? Well, No! There are no side effects of using Hairfree products either!

Hairfree provides you with a safe and healthy treatment for your skin, leaving you hairless.  All ingredients that are used are approved by the FDA. After being tried and tested on several users, no allergic reactions have been reported either.

Lastly, unlike laser hair removal, Hairfree works on hair of all colors and types thereby being the best choice for an instant hair removal cream!