It has been an open debate for quite a few years now, about the best hair removal cream for women. The title is up for grabs though, with each cream entering the market with a loud buzz but either going out silently or maintaining an image just like the remainder of the creams. No cream could fairly have won that debate. Until now, when Hairfree has entered the market. Posing a lot of similarities with other available creams, while producing results that are far more long-term and permanent, Hairfree has truly established itself to become a household name. The easy wipe on-and-off cream works very differently when compared to its competitors, and produces much better results.

Most of the other hair removal creams available in the market are only able to dissolve or destroy the hair above the skin surface. A lot of people tend to choose hair removal creams over laser hair removal treatments mostly because of the price tag that comes attached with the laser treatments. A simple hair removal session can last between 6 to 8 sessions for a complete procedure. And you have to take gaps of at least 4 to 6 weeks between each session. This makes the procedure a long-term commitment issue, and costs heavily on the pocket. And this huge cost is basically why people choose to go for hair removal creams rather than laser hair removal treatments.

Women particularly choose to have a smooth and silky body, free of hair. This is why hair removal products are much more common and famous in women than men. However, even the best of the hair removal creams has only temporary effects, as they kill the hair above the skin surface and not below it. However, Hairfree is here to change the norms once and for all. Have you noticed how quickly aggressive hair regrows in some parts despite timely and constantly applying hair removal creams? Why do you think it happens? Because the root of the hair is still active and healthy, and keeps receiving nutrients for its survival. So, in reality, hair removal creams only kill the top part of a hair, much like a razor cuts only that which is above the surface. The only difference between the two is that creams leave a silky and smoother finish, while shaving leaves a harder surface.

We’ve already explained what other conventional creams do. Hairfree works very differently. Firstly, it doesn’t just kill the hair above the surface but also that below it. Secondly, unlike laser hair removal treatments, it doesn’t damage the hair root and, in the process, the tissue around it as well, but instead it shrinks the root. And finally, unlike all other hair removal treatment methods, it is long-lasting and permanent. It is to be applied once a week by easily wiping it on, and then wiping it off after the specified time. In 30 days, users start seeing the end result. It doesn’t instantly start working its magic. Instead, it takes about 30 days for you to finally start seeing a long-term and permanent removal of hair. But how does it work exactly?

Hairfree is truly the best hair removal cream for women. It has a main ingredient which is a genetically engineered active compound called GSF2:0. This ingredient helps Hairfree performs its special characteristics. Hairfree removes hair above and below the surface. But it also works on the hair root. While other creams have no effect on the root, laser hair removal damages the hair root in order to remove hair from that area. However, it also damages the surrounding tissue leaving skin burns, rashes and scars. Hairfree, instead of damaging the root, starts to shrink the root. The active compound helps in stopping the delivery of vital nutrients to the root, which makes it starve. The root eventually dies out and hair regrowth isn’t possible anymore. This is very similar to how male pattern baldness affects the human hair. Hairfree replicates that natural phenomenon by a genetically engineered active compound, but it leaves a lasting and permanent result. All this is done while facing zero side effects, since all ingredients are certified Halal, and completely natural.