During the transition process hair removal is one of the trickiest problems to overcome.  Hairfree makes that process easier – and cheaper.

How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair Cheaply for Trans Women Hair Free Hair Remover

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Trans women universally have a problem that is often difficult to address particularly if finances are an issue too. The time honoured way of removing unwanted body hair and achieving a more feminine body has been to go long sessions of electrolysis, along with hormone replacement therapies. This can be extremely costly, not to mention painful and in many cases causes unwanted scarring because of the amount of hair that needs to be removed.

How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair Cheaply for Trans Women Hair Free Hair Remover

Laverne Cox made television history when she became the first African American transgender woman to appear on an American reality show with her appearance as a finalist on VH1’s “I Want to Work for Diddy”.

The key to finding a way to stop hair growth in a way that is less invasive and cheaper to afford has been the development of a new permanent hair removal cream. In the past, these lotions have been used to remove body hair by dissolving it above the skin. The trouble with this is that it acts just like shaving in the most part, leaving the root untouched and therefore still able to grow.


Transgender Hair Removal

Hairfree Cream for Trans Women

To stop hair growth permanently, including for trans women who are in the process of transitioning, a hair follicle cream called Hair Free has been developed which not only dissolves the hair above the skin level but also penetrates down to the base of the follicle, weakening it over time and ensuring that regrowth takes place more slowly and eventually stops.

This is a positive development for trans women across the world who are often hampered in their transition because of the cost. This can lead to many taking cheaper and more dangerous opportunities especially in the undeveloped areas of the globe where standards and ethics are not so high. By applying this simple skin cream to their bodies, trans women can now use one of the world’s best hair removal methods at a fraction of the price that treatments such as electrolysis cost.

The Hair Removal Cream that Works on Beards

The great news is that this permanent hair removal cream works on all types of hair and can help remove that tell-tale sign of that five o’clock shadow. It means also that many trans women can prepare for their transitions more quickly without having to wear heavy makeup and shave every morning before they face the world. This is an important part of transitioning and can give MtoF transsexuals more confidence and help them cope with the challenges they face more easily.

For many trans women, the notion of having a hair free jawline is important, not because they want to look more feminine but because it confirms their transition away from the male identity. Painful electrolysis involves treating each individual hair follicle with a needle charged with electricity and this can take months if not years of repeated treatments to complete. Changing to a permanent hair removal cream can make all the difference particularly when it is combined with hormone replacement therapy that naturally reduces hair growth.

Hair removal products that work for trans women have been thin on the ground for a long time, and it’s good to see Hairfree Cream coming onto the market. Many trans women are beginning to use it without looking at painful options such as waxing or the more expensive option of electrolysis and are also seeing astounding results. For them, it is a life changing experience and just one more hurdle out of the way as they transition to their new, and happier life.