Get smooth, Hairfree legs! Discover how to remove leg hair with lasting results for less than the cost of laser hair removal

leg hair removal


Hairfree dissolves leg hair and destroys the hair root, thus stopping the growth of new hair. Get smooth, totally hairless legs, just like laser hair removal

Of course, most women prefer the look and the touch of smooth, hair-free legs. If you are looking for a new way to deal with the problem of removing leg hair then you should try new Hairfree Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor. This breakthrough new hairremoval product gives you long-term freedom from unwanted hair on your legs by using a unique formulation that shrinks hair roots and reduces the growth of new hair.

The regular job of shaving your legs or using a depilatory cream or a depilatory wax can now be a thing of the past thanks to the latest hair root bio-engineering technology. Women’s hair removal products have come a long way since cheap razors and smelly depilatory creams. Long-term hair removal for women was the domain of IPL laser hair removal and electrolysis. Both methods are not the cheapest and involve multiple visits to a hair removal clinic. With the introduction of Hairfree Hair Remover there is now cheaper solution which will give you permanent hair removal anywhere on the body, carried out in the privacy of your own home.

Hairfree removes leg hair and dissovles hair beneath the skin

Hairfree works by dissolving hair above and below the surface of the skin. The hair follicle cream penetrates the hair shaft and is absorbed into the hair root. Hairfree Growth Inhibitor GSF2:0 then treats the matrix bulb of the hair root to reduce the growth of new hair. The effect is similar to the onset of male pattern baldness. GSF2:0 shrinks the hair root by starving it of the vital nutrients necessary to develop hair growth. The matrix bulb is the place where hair growth starts. By neutralising the matrix bulb it is possible to slow down and stop hair growth permanently within a few weeks.

How do you use Hairfree hair removal cream? Hairfree is an easy and simple wipe-on-wipe-off cream that is applied every seven days. The cream needs 1 – 2 mm of hair growth to adhere to the hair and be absorbed into the hair root. As the rate of hair growth varies from person to person some users will need to apply the cream every few days whilst others use it every 7 – 10 days.

Use Hairfree Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor on your legs to achieve long-term hair removal.

Use every week for approximately 30 days to achieve permanent results. The cream is spread thinly over the area of hair growth and left on the skin for four to five minutes. The creams dissolves surface hair and then penetrates the hair shaft to reach the hair root to start the neutralisation process. This procedure is repeated every week, or every few days depending on your personal rate of hair growth.

A few days after the first treatment you will notice an immediate effect. The new hair that grows back will be thinner and softer and less dense than before. With each successive application of the cream less and less hair will grow back. By starving the hair root of nutrients each hair root shrinks and produces thinner hair, eventually ceasing to produce hair completely. After completing the course of six to eight treatments the hair on your legs will have dramatically reduced and you will be free, at last, from the laborious task of shaving, waxing or depilating your legs.

Hairfree creates visually smooth and touchably smooth legs

When you shave your legs regularly the hair becomes stronger and thicker. By switching to Hairfree this process can be reversed. As Hairfree dissolves hair above and below the surface of the skin your legs become stubble-free after only two or three applications. This effect helps to hide dark tell-tale follicle points to give you visually smooth legs as well as touchable smooth legs. Is Hairfree the best hair removal cream for permanently for getting rid of leg hair stubble? Read our reviews and see for yourself what customers say about their experiences with Hairfree.