Facial hair problems have been one of the most prominent and pertinent problems faced by females globally. Just a few strands of facial hair are literally all it takes for females to feel unclean and conscious about themselves. What an ideal world it would be for them to forget about all their facial hair problems. Seems like they will not have to wait any longer now that Hairfree products are here!

Before Hairfree, several hair removal products for women’s faces have been present. However, none of these instant hair removal creams have acted similar to a laser hair removal present in a tube. Hairfree gives you just that! It gives you soft, smooth and hairless skin just like a laser hair removal treatment in a different way.

Unlike a laser hair removal treatment, this hair removal product for women’s face works on all hair colors and hair types. It focuses on removing the hair from not only above the surface but also below it. Hence, it leads to a clean and hairless face.

Hairfree is a very simple and easy to use wipe on and wipe off hair removal product for women’s face as well as body. It works in four simple steps to remove the hair and prevent it from re growth in the future. Firstly, Hairfree affects the hair follicle under the surface, right at the root. It then dissolves the hair present above the surface as well. Thirdly, it dissolves the hair present under the skin. Lastly, it starves the roots of essential nutrients it requires for re growth.

Through this process, it prevents further rejuvenation and gives a shiny, smooth and silky effect on the skin. It is one of the few hair removal products for women that act in such a manner.

Hairfree comprises of various different ingredients. However, one important ingredient that is present is the GSF2:0 compound which is not present in any other hair removal products for women’s face. This enables to create a similar reaction as that which occurs during male baldness. This groundbreaking ingredient recreates the same condition thereby eliminating hair growth.

During the various clinical trials conducted by scientists for the testing of Hairfree products it was seen that over a span of 30 days, the decrease in hair growth was seen at 93%. Moreover, the trial further went on to reiterate that the results from Hairfree were far better than those achieved through electrolysis, IPL hair removal and even laser hair removal.

It was also noted that no side effects or allergic reactions were reported during the trial. This shows how Hairfree products are safe and sound to use and make use off.

While using the products you will only feel a slight tingling sensation for a brief period. This is only felt when the product and its ingredients are reaching the root. However, this is worth the while due to the smooth and shiny results that can be received by this product.

One of the other reasons why Hairfree is one of the safest hair removal products for women’s face is due to the fact that it barely uses any harmful substances or ingredients in its making and creation.  All the products that have been used are approved by the FDA.

Hairfree does not use any parabens. These parabens are used in several instant hair removal creams and have been known to cause cancer, hence being labeled as carcinogenic. All the ingredients are halal. No such ingredient has been made use of which consists of any type of animal fat such as gelatin or any animal by product. Moreover, all of them are also natural, ethically harvested and sustainable and are not tested on animals.

Hairfree does not use artificial colors and is guaranteed to be 100% vegan and vegetarian. Due to these reasons, it is one of the most effective hair removal products.

Hairfree’s inception has led to a huge change and shift in the beauty regime of several men and women across the globe. Now, forget all your facial hair problems with this hair removal treatment present in the form of a tube!