How a transgender dermatologist came to recommend Hairfree

transgender hair removal

If you’re a transgender person looking for help regarding hair removal you might be interested to hear the views of a transgender dermatologist who has seen good results from users of Hairfree.

Victoria Regan is a writer and blogger for websites and magazines specialising in health regulations, beauty, skin care and medicines.

Getting rid of unwanted hair is one of the biggest challenges facing transgender people. Most in the transgender community have tried every method going.  They’ve spent more time than most women smearing on depilatory creams, getting waxed at the beauty salon, shaving, and, of course laser hair removal.  There are problems with all four methods and it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you.

Depilatory creams are messy and the hair grows back pretty fast.  However, they are not expensive if you don’t mind repeating the process every couple of weeks. Waxing is no picnic, either, as every trans person who’s tried it knows: It hurts, it’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and, if all of that weren’t enough, you have to wait until you have significant regrowth before waxing again. If you have pale skin and very dark hair, this is none too pretty. And then there’s shaving, a simple solution that hasn’t changed much since our grandmothers’ time, although marketers at razor companies are forever trying to convince us otherwise. Laser hair removal is a good option but costs money and takes time.

The problem of hair removal for transgender people is that we all have coarse hair and that shaving only keeps our legs smooth for a day, at best—there’s 5 o’clock shadow for to deal with, unfortunately. The day after shaving, your legs are as scratchy as Brillo, and if you try to shave them again before the hair has grown out a little, you’ll get an angry red rash!

After testing various tools, creams, waxes and home laser devices non provide the perfect solution.  All have their pros and cons.  But this is where I would like to mention HairFree because this a new and unusual product which has proved popular in the transgender community.

A few months ago, I called a dermatologist colleague I have consulted many times in my job as beauty writer.  As a transgender professional I thought he would be better qualified than most to pass judgement on this product.

I asked him about Hairfree.  Had he heard about it?  Had he used it or recommended anybody to try it?

I was surprised when he told me that in the last 12 months three transgender clients had confessed to using it and had been cautiously pleased with the results.  He said that although he had not tried Hairfree for himself he had seen the evidence of its effects.

This ranged from a significant visual reduction of dark, strong leg hair in one client; to evidence of thinning of chest hair by about 75% in another client.

The product is formulated to remove hair and reduce the rate of hair regrowth by treating hair roots.   Last week another client brought in a tube of Hairfree to ask his professional opinion to check safety and efficacy, etc.  No problem there he admitted and he is now using the product himself.  Watch this space for an update.