Home-Made Hair Removal Recipes – DIY, Save Money! Hair Free Hair Remover

Home-Made Hair Removal Recipes – DIY, Save Money! Hair Free Hair Remover

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The hair industry is big!

Be it growing new hair or getting them removed permanently; the industry is worth billions of dollars. While many people have gotten miraculous results, not everyone is a satisfied customer.

In the ideal world, people would have great hair on the head and zero body hair. Imagine what a world that would be—no hair on the awkward places like underarms, chest, legs, and in the pubic region. Everyone would have smooth hairless skin, and the world would be perfect.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Hair grows on different parts of the body, and people invest a significant time and money to get rid of them. There are several processes in the market that offer a solution for permanent hair removal. But frankly, they are really expensive and painful!

However, there are ways for those who wish to avoid paying a fortune and are ready to make the necessary efforts. Below we’ll tell you simple DIY hair removal recipes that you can apply at home. These have worked wonderfully well for a bunch of people.

If you are agitated with body hair and wish to get rid of them, then do read this further. However, before trying expensive methods that might not even work, try the following:

Papaya and turmeric cream

This one’s cheap but highly effective. You don’t need to make any special efforts. All you need is raw papaya and turmeric cream. Both these items will be easily available at the nearby superstore.

With the help of a peeler, peel the papaya. Dice and grind a few slices till it acquires a pulpy texture. Then make a paste out of the pulp and turmeric powder. The ratio of the mixture should be 2 parts papaya and 1 part turmeric.

Massage the paste on the desired area, then let it stay for a while. After that, wash it off with water. Do it for a few months to see the best results!

Egg Mask

This is an effective hair removal method that’s practically free. But it requires special and sincere efforts. Those who are rushed should not use this one. For the patient ones, this can give the best results. This is especially effective for those who have stubborn facial hair.

All you need to do is crack an egg in a bowl and take out the yolk. Then you need to make a thick paste. You make the paste using sugar and cornflour. Make it thick enough. Once you get the desired texture, then apply it to your face. Let it sit there for good 20 minutes, then wash it off.

Be cautious though, don’t use hot water to wash it off, or your face will have a nice tasty omelet on it.

Hairfree hair removal cream

The above-mentioned are the best recipes for you to use. They are cheap and easy, but they require time and effort.

However, if you wish to have a sure shot way to get rid of hair on unwanted areas for good, then try our cream. It’s like the results of laser treatment are packed in a tube.

All you gotta do is apply the cream and leave it there for 5 minutes. You scrape it off after that. Our cream is perfectly compatible with all sorts of skins!

Final Thoughts

Unwanted hair is a significant problem for a whole lot of the population. They’ve tried all sorts of ‘solutions in the market, but not many got the results they wanted.

Our product is that one magic solution that everyone wished they had. With our creams, permanent hair removal at home isn’t only possible; it’s done in a painless way. Other than that, do try the DIY remedies. They’ve worked wonders for several; we hope that it works for you too!