Please note: Results vary from user to user depending on hair thickness, hair density and hair color. If you have thick, dark hair you may need to use more HairFree than if you have thinner, lighter hair.


Hirsutism is when a woman experiences excessive hair growth, especially on the upper lip and chin. HairFree No.1 has been shown to be a safe and natural complimentary treatment for hirsute women and should be used  alongside existing medication and therapies.

The hirsute condition affects up to three women in every 20 and up to 15 in every 20 of older women. It is caused by an excessive amount of Androgens, the male sex hormone.

hirsutismHairFree is an effective complimentary product for dealing with the hirsute condition as it takes much longer for hair to grow back compared with existing methods. More applications each week will be required (six to eight) due to the increased growth activity experienced for women with this condition.

However, after this period, the hirsute condition should reduce and users can enjoy a longer periods of reduced hair growth.

Hirsutism treatment should not consist of just applications of HairFree. This will deal with the superficial visual effects and will give you a fast and effective visual improvement.  To be hirsute is a serious and worrying condition  If you have the symptoms of hirsutism your first call should be a consultation with your doctor and a discussion on the different treatment options available.

Discuss with your doctor using HairFree as a complimentary hirsutism  treament alongside any medication your doctor may be recommending. This could offer a quick and easy visual improvement. But for a long-term solution seek your doctor or specialists advice. 

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