It’s 2021, and facial hair removal has been the center of attention for women for quite a few years now. Waxes and creams have been a regular part of the hair removal industry and they won’t be going anywhere for some time at least. However, the only reason that people prefer them over more long-term solutions like laser removal therapy, is the price tag that comes with a long-term fix. Laser hair removal procedures can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, and that isn’t even permanent. Once you go through multiple sessions to complete a whole procedure, you have to consistently keep going for maintenance sessions to keep the results. This is why a lot of women prefer waxes or hair removal creams instead of opting for laser hair removal therapy. Spending a few dollars on these products every month will always be cheaper than laser hair removal sessions.

However, how would it sound like, if we actually tell you that Hairfree is a cream, and yet has the ability to give permanent results without the huge expenses of laser hair removal? It would sound absolutely absurd because how can a cream give permanent results? Well, the answer to that is the genetically engineered active compound called the GSF2:0. Most hair creams available in the market only remove the hair that is above the skin. To completely kill off a hair follicle, hair has to be removed below the skin as well. That is where laser hair removal comes into question. Laser procedures damage the hair root, killing off the hair and providing a hair-free skin result. But Hairfree doesn’t just leave you hair-free. It leaves you carefree. Laser hair removals damage the hair root, but in the process also damages the surrounding tissue of the hair root. This results in skin burns, scarring and rashes. And even though the hair follicle is completely destroyed, it eventually regains life once the vital nutrients start reaching it again. Even though that takes some time. This is why routine maintenance procedures are mandatory to keep the results continued.

How is Hairfree Different?

Have you seen the onset of male pattern baldness? In male pattern baldness, the delivery of vital nutrients to the hair follicle is stopped, which leads to the hair root shrinking in size and eventually dying out. That is exactly how Hairfree works. It replicates the conditions of male pattern baldness on the applied areas. Instead of damaging the hair root, it starts to shrink it. The shrinking size of the hair root starves it of the vital nutrients to the hair root necessary for hair growth. The long-term cessation of hair growth in these roots will eventually kill the root permanently, and the effects of Hairfree will remain permanent.

Hairfree Facial Hair Remover for Women

Hairfree has developed a huge product line with a separate product targeting each body part, and separate creams for separate genders. The Female Facial Hair Remover and Growth Inhibitor is a one-of-a-kind cream engineered and developed specifically for the facial hair that women have to remove. Growing hair all over your body is a natural human characteristic that exists both in men and women. However, different body parts grow hair of different characteristics. The texture, thickness, growth conditions and hardness of all hair types is different. This is basically why there have to be separate products made that treat each kind of hair during hair removal treatments. The Female Facial Hair Remover and Growth Inhibitor is a cream that has been genetically engineered to work its wonders on the facial hair women have. Containing the active compound GSF2:0 as a main ingredient, the Hairfree product recreates conditions similar to the onset of male pattern baldness, leaving behind lasting and permanent results. Hairfree products shrink the hair root instead of damaging it like in laser hair removals. Once the root shrinks, it finds it unable to gain access to vital nutrients that could encourage hair regrowth.

This is why Hairfree products are much better to use than your conventional hair removal creams, and much more cost-effective and performance-effective than laser hair removal treatments.