Hairfree contains non-allergenic ingredients of high tolerance - 99.9% of users report no side effects or allergic skin reactions

Hairfree Hair Removal
All Hairfree products have been dermatalogically tested by an independant laboratory to ensure compatibility with a widest range of skin and body hair types

Hairfree formulations are safe and gentle on your skin. You will experience a slight tingling sensation as the ingredients get pulled into the hair follicle but this is not painful.

FDA Approved Ingredients
Each formulation contains a range of FDA approved ingredients which both remove hair and prevent growth of new hair. Hairfree products are easy to apply and provide long-term hair removal when use regularly over a period of approximately 30 days.

No side effects or skin reactions
Before you put any medicinal or cosmetic product on your skin you need to make sure it’s safe, harmless and will have no detrimental side effects. After supplying many thousands of customers with Hairfree products we can safely report that you should not suffer and side-effects or allergic reaction.

Safe and Effective After Treatment
The formulation for Hairfree Hair Growth Inhibitor Gel consists of Growth Shield Factor 2:0 without the element of hair removal. This powerful after-treatment is designed to transmit to the hair follicle the essential active ingredients that inhibit hair growth. The same rigorous dermatalogical tests have been applied to this product and you should experience no side effects or skin irritation.

Powerful Active Ingredients
The formulation of Hairfree is a delicate balance of active ingredients which are strong enough to do a good job of hair removal and hair root negation, but not too strong that they cause skin irritation.

High Tolerance Formulations
Each product in the Hairfree range has been targeted to treat specific hair removal issues and this policy has enabled us to push the ability of high tolerance formulations to the limit and so enable the best possible results every time.

Effective For All Skin Types
The product is formulated to respond to all hair colours in the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale (see below) which covers blond to black hair, straight or curly hair, fine or coarse hair.  Unlike laser hair removal Hairfree will react with all colors and all types of hair.

Non-allergenic Formulations
Even if you have suffered an allergic reaction using other products and your skin is hypersensitive you should find that Hairfree formulations can be used regularly on all types of skin without causing side effects or skin irritation.


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The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale is a simple method for identifying a person’s skin shade and ethnicity. This helps us identify the type of facial and body hair of a Hairfree customer and to make recommendations for successful hair removal.