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  1. How Men Are Leaving Facial Hair Behind

      Facial hair has long been a subjective topic of interest for men, with a long list of men preferring to keep facial hair while a lot of others are inclined to get rid of it. That being said, the constant shaving and the cons that come with shaving, has men looking forward to longer-lasting…

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  2. Hey Women! Let’s Forget Laser Hair Removal

      It’s 2021, and facial hair removal has been the center of attention for women for quite a few years now. Waxes and creams have been a regular part of the hair removal industry and they won’t be going anywhere for some time at least. However, the only reason that people prefer them over more…

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  3. Hairfree Is the Way Forward

      A lot of people have hair on body parts that they don’t like. A common factor between most people is having hair in intimate areas. People prefer to keep their intimate areas clean and smooth. The reason for this is that oil, sweat and bacteria get stuck in hair, leaving a bad body odour….

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  4. Hairfree Is the New Permanent – And It’s Here to Stay

      Hairfree hair remover is a whole product line of hair removal creams that cater to people of all genders. The human body has various hair types. The hair on your scalp, face, body and private areas are all hair with different textures, characteristics, growth and roots. This is why hair removal creams have to…

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  5. Facial Hair Removal Methods

    Facial Hair Removal Methods

      A lot of us struggle with facial hair growth when in fact we don’t like dealing with it at all. Unwanted facial hair growth is the worst simply because our faces can be seen by everyone. While we can shave, wax and pluck hair from other parts of the body, facial hair removal is…

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  6. Carefree With Hairfree

      Are you looking for the best hair removal cream for private or intimate parts? Then you’ve come to the right place. Intimate hair removal is a part of general human hygiene. A lot of men and women like to keep their private parts clean and hair-free. Having hairy intimate parts can lead to a…

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  7. Why Hairfree And Nothing Else

    Why Hairfree And Nothing Else

      Hair removal has been a science that has been worked on for decades. Despite the fact that most people have body hair, it has been on the slide in popularity over the past few decades. Research has been ongoing for methods to remove the body and facial hair permanently. With the onset of advancement…

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  8. Hairfree Is The Future For Facial Hair Removal

      Facial hair has been a hot topic for debate for both men and women. While a good majority of men prefer facial hair, there is still a huge number of men who prefer to keep their faces clean shaved. However, regular shaving leaves a few problems for men: Razor rash Redness In-grown hair Razor…

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  9. Hirsutism Or Excessive Facial Hair Management

      The majority of women choose to be free of any body hair and have luscious smooth skin without any fuzz at all. This is just a very unrealistic expectation to have. It is prevalent to have average hair growth on areas such as the upper lips, chin, and around the hairline. There is no…

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  10. Celebrity Women With Facial Hair Fails

    Ask any woman: What’s the one thing in her life that she would like to have more than anything else? You would be amazed to know that the majority would like to get rid of all the body hair forever. Although there is no shame in having facial hair, no one prefers visible facial hair…

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