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  1. How To Maintain Beautiful Hair Free Skin

    How To Maintain Beautiful Hair Free Skin

    Maintaining your skin after your hair removal ritual can be challenging. Knowing what and what not to do is one thing, but including an intensive skincare routine can take up a chunk of your time. However, you can incorporate a few basic steps in your daily routine that are easy to manage and will give…

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  2. Hair Removal Through The Ages

    Hair Removal Through The Ages

    The majority believes that hair removal is a modern-day requirement, and it wasn’t a problem a  century before. This is actually not true. Hair removal dates back to at least 3000 B.C, if not more, where people wanted to get their hair removed permanently. Throughout history, men and women have been subjected to the societal…

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  3. Cushing's syndrome

    Hirsutism And Cushing’s Syndrome

      The majority of women choose to be free of any body hair and have luscious smooth skin without any fuzz at all. This is just a very unrealistic expectation to have. It is prevalent to have average hair growth on areas such as the upper lips, chin, and around the hairline. There is no…

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  4. Celebrity Women With Facial Hair Fails

    Ask any woman: What’s the one thing in her life that she would like to have more than anything else? You would be amazed to know that the majority would like to get rid of all the body hair forever. Although there is no shame in having facial hair, no one prefers visible facial hair…

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  5. transgender shaving tips

    Hair Removal Tips And Tricks For Transgender People, Crossdressers And Transsexuals

      Handling unwanted hair can be a big challenge for transgender females. There are several hormonal changes that they go through. While hormone therapy and time can set things right, some may need extra care. Even hormone therapy can not handle thick beard, leg, and chest hair. But that’s no reason to follow your heart…

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  6. How Indian Men Can Achieve Permanent Hair Removal

      Gone are the days when only women would go for hair removal services. In recent times, men are also seen to be jumping on the bandwagon, as they prefer smooth, hair-free skin over rough and hairy skin. Being a man, it is already pretty challenging to get rid of the body hair as the…

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  7. Which is the best pubic hair removal method for you?

    If you’re looking for the best bikini hair removal method go for low pain, low cost, go for Hairfree! Pubic Hair Removal Cream More and more men and women are preferring to go ‘bare down there’. When deciding to do bikini line hair removal and male genital hair removal you need to carefully decide which method…

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  8. How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair Cheaply for Trans Women

    During the transition process hair removal is one of the trickiest problems to overcome.  Hairfree makes that process easier – and cheaper. Trans women universally have a problem that is often difficult to address particularly if finances are an issue too. The time honoured way of removing unwanted body hair and achieving a more feminine…

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  9. trans shaving tips

    Transgender Hair Removal Made Easy

    You can achieve smooth, hair-free skin with Hairfree and make your transition a success Transgender hair removal is one of the most difficult problems to overcome if you want to achieve smooth feminine skin without five o’clock shadow or bristly regrowth coming through. Having silky smooth skin can make a gal feel fresh, clean and…

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  10. Top 5 celebrity armpit hair photos of all time. Are these celebs purposefully showing up hairy, or was it accidental?

    Armpit hair is a part of all of our lives, however annoying it may be. Most of us choose to get rid of it by regularly shaving our underarms, but, you know, sometimes we forget. Luckily, shaving only slips our mind in the winter when we’re wearing long sleeves and it doesn’t matter as much….

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