A lot of people have hair on body parts that they don’t like. A common factor between most people is having hair in intimate areas. People prefer to keep their intimate areas clean and smooth. The reason for this is that oil, sweat and bacteria get stuck in hair, leaving a bad body odour. This is why many people prefer cleaning their intimate areas and keeping them free of hair.

There are several reasons why someone would have extra or abnormal hair growth on a certain part of their body. Sometimes it because of genetics, but certain medications also promote extra hair growth. There are also several ways to remove hair, some which are painless and others which are painful or extremely painful.


Shaving is probably the best solution for hair in the leg, arm and facial regions. However, for hair in the intimate areas, shaving is a little risky because it leads to ingrown hair in these areas. This can cause long pain intervals especially since intimate areas are usually more sensitive to pain than other parts of the body.


Plucking is a slightly painful process but extremely useful if you only have to treat a few hair strands. Since it is time consuming, plucking isn’t recommended for larger hair patches. Plucking for larger areas can also lead to ingrown hair or scarring.


Waxing is mostly popular among women. However, using a hot wax which may be too hot, could leave skin burns. Waxing is also messy and painful, and often hair strands are left behind because they break off during the waxing process.

Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams have also been the centre of attention given their painless hair removal process. The application process of hair removal creams is easy and can be done at home. Since they are available without prescription, there isn’t a lot of harm that can be done by hair removal creams. However, a lot of people who may have allergic skin reactions or history of acne, may be advised to consult a dermatologist before application.

To figure out the best hair removal cream for intimate areas, we look at Hairfree. Hairfree is the future of depilatory creams, another name for hair removal creams. Hairfree uses a specially developed formula that helps it remove hair from the root, unlike other hair removal creams, which only work above the surface. Hairfree’s genetically engineered active compound is a breakthrough technology. The researchers have actually succeeded in developing a chemical compound that replicates conditions similar to that of male pattern baldness. This has helped Hairfree develop a whole product line, with different creams for different areas of the body, and for different genders as well. Each product contains the active compound GSF2:0, which inhibits hair growth and helps to stop the hair root from regrowing hair.

With the onset of advancement in research towards making the human body flawless according to modern day standards, Hairfree will go a long way to becoming a true advancement in hair removal techniques.