Hairfree hair remover is a whole product line of hair removal creams that cater to people of all genders. The human body has various hair types. The hair on your scalp, face, body and private areas are all hair with different textures, characteristics, growth and roots. This is why hair removal creams have to be made separately for all types of hair, tackling each type of against its own features. For example, a hair removal cream for men made for facial hair cannot be used to remove body hair or intimate areas hair. Here’s how the Hairfree product line caters to all needs:

Hairfree Hair Remover

The Hairfree Hair Remover is a general purpose cream that can be used by men and women both. It is usable for both men and women and serves normal body areas like the chest, arms, underarms and the legs. The Hairfree Hair Remover is an excellent choice that removes all body hair for men and women, and serves a great purpose for those who like to keep their summer bodies in shape.

Female Facial Hair Remover

The Female Facial Hair Remover is for women who have extra hair on their face. Almost all women find facial hair a nuisance and often, if they can afford, go for laser hair removal or electrolysis for a permanent hair removal solution. However, the Hairfree product line serves the same purpose entirely and helps greatly in giving women a long-term and permanent hair removal solution.

Male Body Hair Remover

The male body hair remover is for men who want to keep their chest, shoulders, back, lower back, arms and legs clean and hair-free. The Male Body Hair Remover, also containing the active compound GSF2:0 is a great solution for men looking forward to keep their bodies hair-free, especially since summers are coming up and beach days will soon be back.

Male Beard Hair Remover

The Male Beard Hair Remover is a product in the Hairfree product line that helps men get rid of their facial hair. This is specifically for men who are looking forward to get rid of facial hair permanently, because regular shaving either becomes hectic, or the cuts and burns from shaving becomes too painful. Shaving also becomes a reason for in-grown hair which is why a lot of men would rather have the hair completely gone rather than go through the pain again and again.

Intimate Hair Remover

This product in the Hairfree line caters to both men and women and serves as a great solution for removal of hair in the private parts. Constant shaving or waxing either becomes painful, or the quick and aggressive regrowth of hair makes the constant cleaning process hectic. The Intimate Hair Remover helps men and women get rid of unwanted hair in the intimate areas once and for all.

Soothing Aftercare Gel

This is a growth inhibitor, meaning it limits the hair regrowth in the hair roots. The Soothing Aftercare Gel is to be applied after the application of a Hairfree product is done. It protects the skin for overdue exposure to the cream and helps inhibit the hair regrowth in the hair roots.