Scientists testing Hairfree have shown that over a 30 day period the overall decrease in hair growth was measured at 93%

A total of 68 participants, 46 female and 22 male between the ages of 23 and 67 years, completed the trial. Six participants did not complete the trial for personal scheduling reasons. Participants were randomly split into two groups. Half were given Hairfree and half were given placebo consisting of a moisturizing cream. This was applied at weekly intervals for four weeks on the same day over the trial period of 90 days.

Participants returned every week for measurement and evaluation. The following significant differences could be observed between Hairfree treated areas and placebo treated areas of skin. An overall decrease in hair density on areas treated with Hairfree™ of +/- 25% every week was measured using a Cross-Section Trichometer over one square centimeter of skin x 100 (mm2/cm2 x 100). Participants also noted a reduction in hair thickness during the trial.

At the conclusion of the 30 day study an overall decrease in hair density on HairFree treated areas was +/- 93% measured using a Cross-Section Trichometer. Hairfree has been shown to be a safe and effective method for progressively reducing hair root growth.

Conducted by: Dr Shibata, MD., Dr T. Saito, MD., J. L. Ueda.

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