Back in the day, the concept of hair removal was strictly restricted for females. Only a few men who were bodybuilders, swimmers, or cyclists used to remove their body hair; otherwise, most men left them untouched. However, that is not the case anymore. More and more men are diverting towards grooming themselves, including the removal of body hair, leaving behind the age-old norms.

Now a smooth skin is required by both men and women. What once was considered a symbol of pride for men is now a burden that makes them feel hot under the warm summer sun. However, men have considerably thicker hair than most women making the process of hair removal harder. But with the increasing number of men looking to remove body hair, new techniques and methods have been introduced to assist them.

In the end, the best method for hair removal depends on the type of hair of the person. So here are some of the ways men can get rid of their body hair if they wish to.



Men have been using razors to remove facial hair for a very long time, and now they can also use them for shaving different body parts, including arms, legs, armpits, and even intimate areas. The process of shaving is quick, easy, and convenient, which is why it can be repeated several times a week since the hair growth is faster with this method.

However, shaving can pose some problems as well. Cuts and burns from the razors are some of the simpler issues, while ingrown hair is a more severe issue. Special razors for body use are now available with softer blades that minimize cuts and burns. And the problem of ingrown hair can be remedied by proper pre and post-shaving skincare.



Even though waxing can be a painful procedure, especially if you have low pain tolerance, it helps get rid of hair for a longer period of time. But once you get the wax done, you will have smooth skin that can last you a month, depending on your hair growth. You can do this at home by yourself or with the help of a friend, or at the salon. However, getting it done by professionals at the salon can be rather expensive.

Many waxing kits are now available at any nearby store with the options of hard or hot wax. Hot wax is rather messy but is the most effective waxing tool, and hard wax is easy and convenient to use but leaves behind a few tiny follicles. You can remove hair from any part of your body with the use of wax, from your face to your legs.


Depilatory Creams

Hair removal cream is the easiest way to remove unwanted hair from your body and doesn’t require lots of focus. The cream is easily applied to the skin, which then works its magic in dissolving the hair in that area. After the process is complete, you can wipe away the cream by either washing it off or using a damp cloth. This quick process only requires you to buy hair removal creams from your nearest drugstore, or you can even order them online at Hair Free. They have a variety of creams available, along with instant hair removal cream, which allows you to finish the task in the shortest amount of time.

This easy, pain-free, and convenient way is enough to win men over. These creams now come with variations from facial to intimate areas, keeping in mind each area’s sensitivity and hair type.

Now that you know the different methods of removing unwanted hair, you are all ready to find a way that best suits your skin.