Adulting does not come easy. It brings responsibilities we never thought we would have. For example, when we have grown up enough, only we are responsible for taking care of ourselves. The responsibility of ourselves includes taking care of our bodies. If we do not do this, we cannot function healthily.

Taking care of our body means we take a proper diet to keep the internal organs healthy while ensuring our hygiene is good enough for the external body. Personal hygiene is of extreme importance since it helps us keep away germs and bacteria.

One part of personal hygiene is removing excess hair from the body. Our body produces sweat, and if it does not evaporate from the skin, it can cause infections. Not removing excess body hair can help sweat accumulate at one place and thus result in infections.

There are different ways to remove body hair, such as waxing, laser, plucking, shaving, and hair removal creams. Shaving and hair removal creams are two methods which anyone can do easily on their own body. That is why they are the most used hair removal techniques used by people.

Here, we will compare both of these. Based on this comparison, you can conclude which one is suitable for you to continue your hair removal journey with.

Benefits of Hair Removal Creams

Variety – Hair removal creams are available in abundance. As they are synthetic, there are many different formulations available. This is good because individuals can choose the cream as per their preference. For example, people have different skin types, and some like fragrance while others do not. Hair removal creams cater to these needs.

Saves Time – There is a common perception that hair removal creams take more time than shaving or waxing. It is wrong because you can apply hair removal creams and get busy with your work while the cream does its magic at a specific time. You also do not have to bend or twist when using it.

Fine Growth of Hair – Hair removal creams makes sure the hair regrows finer as it works by dissolving the hair. The hair also takes a long time to regrow as compared to it does in shaving.

The downside of Hair Removal Creams

Cannot Use Regularly – As hair removal creams are all chemicals, it is advised that you use them in the right proportion and with long intervals. Otherwise, they can damage your skin.

Burns – It is a common occurrence related to incorrect usage of facial hair removal cream for girls. When the cream is left for too long, it can cause skin burns.

Benefits of Shaving

Comparatively Safe – One biggest pro is that anyone can use it without the worry of any health risk. It does not require chemicals; hence it is entirely safe.

Cheap – Razors come a lot cheaper and can be bought at any shop. It adds to the convenience of using shaving cream.

Painless – If one knows how to use razors correctly, the process of shaving will be entirely painless for them.

Downsides of Shaving

Wounds – Incorrect usage can cause painful and deep cuts, taking a lot of time to heal.

Fast Regrowth – Hair growth after shaving is extremely fast. Sometimes you may have to shave within an interval of one or two days.

Ingrown Hairs – These are painful and make small bumps on your skin.

Final Thoughts

What you choose for your hair removal hygiene is dependent on which one of these fits your requirements. Good luck making the right decision.