Hair removal can be a total pain, and the feeling of bumpy and irritated skin is not pleasant. While you are removing your hair meticulously, there is always that one stray hair that takes too much time to be found, which is rather frustrating. Along with that, the amount of money spent on waxing and razors adds up to the frustration. Are you aware that there is a much more accessible, painless, cost-effective, and efficient hair removal method? Let us tell you everything about depilatory creams!


What Are Depilatory Creams?


Depilatories are found in gels, creams, and lotions. They can temporarily remove unwanted body and facial hair. Razors cut the hair from the skin’s surface, whereas depilatory creams penetrate through the follicles and remove the hair from underneath the skin. Hair removal creams are astonishingly efficient at their job. Many people use the same product on the face and body alike. Some even use it on the bikini line. They are entirely safe to be used in these parts as long as it’s done with utmost care. Don’t take these creams too close to the eyes, nose, or genitals to avoid chemical burns.


How Do Depilatory Creams Work?


You might feel that using depilatory creams is complex, which is not true. The process is much easier than you might think. A strong alkaline-based product is applied to the areas with unwanted hair. This breaks down the hair into a soft jelly-like substance, which can be easily washed or wiped off. The depilatories include chemicals such as calcium thioglycolate, sodium thioglycolate, and strontium sulfide. These chemicals break down the keratin bonds, which weakens the hair.


Benefits Of Depilatory Creams


There are several benefits of an unwanted hair removal cream. Some of them are:


  • Functions Rapidly


It does not take much time to get smooth, hair free, and silky skin with hair removal cream. Your arm won’t take more than 15 minutes, from beginning to end. Larger areas won’t take much time either as the amount of time required for the cream to do its magic remains the same everywhere.


  • Easy To Use


You don’t need a professional or need to go to a spa for this process. All you need is basic supplies and hair removal cream. There are no particular skills involved so you can easily do it in the comfort of your home and even take it with you on a vacation. All you need to do is follow the given directions and you are good to go.


  • Long Lasting


Shaving removes hair above the skin, which results in rapid regrowth. Hair removal creams remove the hair below the skin, ensuring smoother skin for longer time periods.


  • Softer Hair Growth


With hair removal cream, the growth is in the form of rounded tips rather than sharp tips. The end is tapered, unlike shaving where the ends are squared-off edges.


  • No Downtime


Waxing can cause bruises and rashes, and your skin can get cuts and ingrown hair with shaving. None of these things happens with depilatory creams. The upper lips, legs, arms, or any other part of your body are ready to shine right after you are done with the treatment.


  • Safe And Painless


While shaving, there is always a chance of nicks and cuts that can be extremely painful and even leave a mark. As for waxing, the process includes immense amounts of pain. With hot wax, there is a chance of burning your skin if the wax is too hot. Hair removal creams are the best option for people with low pain tolerance and sensitive skin.

These amazing benefits are all the more reasons to switch to hair removal creams. Give our Hair Free depilatory creams a try and surely you won’t go back to your old ways.