Agony aunt Evelyn Tyrell answers your questions

Agony aunt Evelyn Tyrell answers your questions Hair Free Hair Remover
I am very self-conscious about my facial hair. I would like to ask you if there is an easy solution to deal with this problem?


Dear Evelyn,

I am a vibrant woman of 55 years old. I have always suffered from slightly more hair than the average woman but now things are getting completely out of control. The hair on my face, especially the upper lip is getting darker and stronger. The hairs on my chin which used to be soft and were easy to get rid of are now thicker and seem to be growing faster. Whatever I do in terms of using a depilatory cream or plucking seems to make the hair grow back faster.  I’m having to resort to shaving which I have always detested as I know this makes the situation worse which is exactly what’s happening. The hair is tougher and stronger than ever before and I have had to redouble my efforts to keep a smooth complexion. I am now seriously thinking about laser hair removal but, to be honest I can’t really afford it at the moment. Is there any permanent remedy out there that could help me? Are there any dietary changes I can make that would help?

Yours in hope and anticipation, C. M. Arcade, NY