Hairfree users trial conducted with 163 participants shows good results when used on a variety of hair removal problems

This study of 163 participants used the product at weekly intervals and the results were recorded over a six week period.  The  trial demonstrated very positive results for hair removal and for decommissioning hair root activity resulting in cessation of new hair growth in four key areas: face, upper lip, legs, underarms. The study will now be repeated to reinforce the original findings and assess the longer term consumer benefits of Hairfree.

The results showed that over 87% of the respondents agreed that the product accumulatively reduced growth of new hair either ‘well’ or ‘very well’ within two weeks in the four areas tested. 85% agreed that the product noticably reduce new hair growth and left their skin feeling soft and smooth after use and 89% ‘strongly disagreed’ or ‘disagreed’ that the product did not have the effect of reducing hair growth in the four key areas.

Hairfree is produced using a patent-applied-for process which uses the compound GSF 2:0 (Growth Shield Factor 2:0) to allow transdermal absorption to the follicle of the compound and help reduce the concentration of nutrients necessary for hair roots to thrive. Senior survey coordinator Amrita Jayanti commented “The effect of reducing hair root activity and therefore long term hair growth has been found to be very positive. The data for reduction of new hair growth is better than expected within the period tested. The progressive weekly reduction in the number of hairs detected on the skin was

Hairfree product review and user trial HairFree Hair Remover

an improvement on previous trials and the data more significant.  These results added to previous data strongly indicate the ability of Hairfree to affect hair root growth activity long term and achieve hair loss, typically to the face, legs and arms which can be registered as a permanent hair loss.”

The trial has demonstrated that the effects of using Hairfree can be better than electrolysis and laser hair removal and ipl hair removal as does not carry the risk of scarring or skin trauma associated with salon hair removal.

*Global Market Insight Consumer Reports – March 2016