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Category Archives: Hair removal for women

A great source of information on all aspects of hair removal. Read news, reviews and tips about unwanted hair, hair removal and skin care for men and women.

  1. How To Permanently Get Rid of Facial Hair with Hairfree Female Facial Hair Remover

      For many women, unwanted facial hair can be the height of embarrassment. Dark hairs growing around the lips, jaw and chin can give the impression of a man’s beard, and be deeply unpleasant for ladies that seek a more glamorous appearance! Fortunately, an answer has been found. Hairfree Hair Remover is a revelation in…

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  2. Five facial hair removal products to consider

    Here are five facial hair removal methods to consider when deciding how best to deal with that upper lip hair While hair on the upper lip is a sign of coming of age and masculinity for men, it’s far less appealing for women. Women find the presence of moustache hairs to be embarrassing, and many…

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  3. Which is the best pubic hair removal method for you?

    If you’re looking for the best pubic hair removal method go for low pain, low cost More and more men and women are preferring to go ‘bare down there’. When deciding to do bikini line hair removal and male genital hair removal you need to carefully decide which method to use, i.e. which method best suits…

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