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  1. How To Maintain Beautiful Hair Free Skin

    How To Maintain Beautiful Hair Free Skin

    Maintaining your skin after your hair removal ritual can be challenging. Knowing what and what not to do is one thing, but including an intensive skincare routine can take up a chunk of your time. However, you can incorporate a few basic steps in your daily routine that are easy to manage and will give…

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  2. Hair Removal Through The Ages

    Hair Removal Through The Ages

    The majority believes that hair removal is a modern-day requirement, and it wasn’t a problem a  century before. This is actually not true. Hair removal dates back to at least 3000 B.C, if not more, where people wanted to get their hair removed permanently. Throughout history, men and women have been subjected to the societal…

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  3. How Indian Men Can Achieve Permanent Hair Removal

      Gone are the days when only women would go for hair removal services. In recent times, men are also seen to be jumping on the bandwagon, as they prefer smooth, hair-free skin over rough and hairy skin. Being a man, it is already pretty challenging to get rid of the body hair as the…

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